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Privacy notice – Garden Waste Subscription Service

Information about how and when the Garden Waste Subscription service processes personal information about you.​

What we do

The garden waste subscription service is a non- statutory, chargeable waste collection service offered to residents of London Borough of Lewisham. 

Subscribers opt in through our website using either our CRM/paye.net portal or Paypal or by contacting us using our dedicated phone line.

Once the subscription fee is paid, subscribers receive a brown garden waste bin which is emptied weekly.  

Customers or their carer givers can request an assisted collection if they are unable to place the bin to the boundary of their gate.

What information we collect

The garden waste subscription scheme is managed using corporate systems and these will need to be referred to in regards to the collection of data and storage of data. 

The team accepts payments using PayPal so in the event of a query being raised through PayPal or a refund request, data may be shared in order to process this. 

Information kept locally by the service is your:

  • name

  • address

  • telephone number

  • email address.

If a request is made for an assisted collection, we email the address of the customer requesting to the strategic waste team who administers the assisted collection scheme.  An officer from that team then advises the garden waste team that an assisted collection is needed without specifying the reason of the need.

Agencies we might share the information with

We share information with internal teams including:

  • the internal team who manages the corporate data systems

  • the internal payment processing team

  • the internal waste management collection team

  • the team that deals with assisted collection.

We also share information with one external provider:

  • PayPal, only in the event of a query/refund as outlined above.

Why we process your information

We process your information to:

  • deliver a garden waste bin and carry out collection services of garden waste

  • contact subscribers to invite to renew (yearly basis).