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Privacy notice – Bereavement services

Information about how and when the Bereavement services processes personal information about you.​

What we do

Bereavement services provide burial and cremation related services to residents of Lewisham Borough as well as non-residents. In order to do this it is necessary for us to collect and hold information about the person who has died as well as some personal information about the person/people applying for the service. The information collected and held will vary depending on the nature of the services used.

Examples of services for which personal information will be gathered are:

  • cremations
  • burials
  • exhumations
  • scatterings of cremated remains
  • enclosures of cremated remains
  • memorial and dedication applications
  • the transfer of exclusive rights of burial.

What information we collect

The information we collect from you may include:

  • basic details about you such as your name, address, telephone number, email address on cremation application forms, as well as the name/s of the deceased’s next of kin
  • basic details about you (and any other owners of the Rights of Burial for the grave) such as your name, address, telephone number, email address on the Interment Form
  • basic details about you such as your name, address, telephone number, email address on memorial and dedication application forms
  • information such as your name and address and those of any interested parties in the process to transfer the exclusive rights of burial for a grave. Copies of grants of probate and wills relating to the deceased.

Who is processing my data?

All personal data held, is processed in accordance with data protection law. The Data Controller for the information outlined in this privacy notice is Lewisham Council.

How will we use the information we hold about you?

We will collect information about you (where applicable) to:

  • be placed on record as the applicant for a cremation application

  • be placed on record as the applicant for a burial application

  • to record you as the grantee of an exclusive right of burial

  • to process all memorial applications and to send out subsequent memorial renewal reminders

  • to contact you concerning any of the above.

We will not share any information with anyone outside of the service without your consent and if you want to see a copy of any information held by the service, please contact us directly. Please remember that funeral directors are working directly for you and they will gather much of the information outlined above in order to book a service with the council. Speak to them directly if you want to know how they will be storing and using the information that you provide to them.

What is the legal basis for us to process your data?

  • Carrying out of a contract/service delivery to which you are a party.
  • Our legal obligation under the Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977.
  • Our legal obligation under The Cremation (England & Wales) Regulations 2017.
  • In the public interest or in the exercise of official authority.
  • In some instances we may need your consent to process personal data. If so, this will be made clear, and you will have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

You are obliged to provide the personal data requested. Possible consequences of failure to provide such information would result delaying your request of service.

Who we will share your information with

We only share information with our partner organisations when it is necessary to carry out the services being provided. These partner organisations include funeral directors, stonemasons, memorial suppliers, medical referees, the Ministry of Justice and Deceased Online.

There may be certain circumstances where we would share information because we are required to do so by law, to safeguard public safety, and in risk of harm or emergency situations. Any information which is shared will only be shared on a need to know basis, with appropriate individuals. Only the minimum information for the purpose will be shared.

We may also share personal information to prevent, investigate or prosecute criminal offences, or as the law otherwise allows.

Providing accurate information

It is important that we hold accurate and up to date information about you in order to assess your needs and deliver the appropriate services. If any of your details have changed, or change in the future, please ensure that you inform us as soon as possible so that we can update your records.

Your rights

You have the right to request:

  • to see the personal information we hold about you
  • to be informed about the collection and use of your personal information
  • for incorrect information to be corrected (where the law permits)
  • to request us to restrict the processing of your personal information.

In certain circumstances you have the right to object to the processing of your personal information. Your information will not be subjected to automated decision-making.
All burial and cremation records and related information is retained in perpetuity as required by cremation and burial law.