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Privacy notice – Private Sector Housing Agency

​Information about how and when the Private Sector Housing Agency processes personal information about you.

What we do

The Private Sector Housing Agency delivers services to:

  • Licence Houses in Multiple Occupation – mandatory and additional schemes (flats over shops)

  • Enforcement powers under the Housing Act to address poor property standards and empty properties in the Private housing sector and bad/criminal landlord behaviour

  • Deliver a Housing Assistance service through a range of grants and loans to support adaptations for vulnerable citizens to live safely and independently in their homes

  • Deliver a property procurement service to meet the temporary accommodation needs of homeless families referred by Housing Needs, No Recourse to Public Funds Network or Children’s Services.

Information we collect from you

  • Name

  • Address

  • Date of birth

  • National Insurance number

  • Contact details

  • Ethnicity

  • Immigration status

  • Relationship information

  • Health information

  • Relevant case information

  • Relevant financial information

  • Other agencies involved

  • Building contractors

  • Criminal convictions – for fit and proper landlord assessment

Who we share the data with

  • Temporary accommodation providers

  • DWP

  • Police

  • Fire brigade

  • Adult Social Care

  • City/District/Borough councils

  • Government departments

  • Greater London Council

  • Regulatory bodies

  • Lenders

  • Third sector organisations (community organisation)

  • Utility regulatory bodies and companies

  • Foundations Independent Living Trust (FILT)

Why we collect your data

  • Service delivery

  • Service improvement

  • Prevention and detection of crime/fraud

  • Planning/research

  • Prosecution