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Information on the different sorts of childcare available and how to access them.
Childcare support is changing

From 1 April 2024 support for childcare is changing for working families with a 2-year-old.

See Childcare Choices to find out if you’re eligible and apply.

School holiday childcare and activities

Find childcare and fun activities.


A childminder is a person who is registered with Ofsted and receives payment for looking after other people's children for more than two hours a day.

Help with childcare costs

Find out about the 15 hours free early education entitlement for two-year-olds and other schemes for working parents and students.

Leaving a child alone

There is no law which states the minimum age that a child can be left alone – but it is an offence to leave a child alone when doing so puts the child at risk.

Nannies, registered home carers and au pairs

Nannies, registered home carers and au pairs provide care for your children in your own home.


Babysitters are not 'registered' and we don't hold lists of people.

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Get advice on choosing daycare and what happens when your child starts in daycare.

Nursery schools

Find out about our nursery schools and when to apply for a place.

Primary schools

A list of primary school in the borough and their contact details