Ultra-low emission zone

Find out about the launch of the ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) in central London, and when it will extend to include a large part of the borough of Lewisham.

What the ultra-low emission zone means

The ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) will start in central London on 8 April 2019, in the same area as the congestion charge zone. Vehicles will need to meet the new, stricter exhaust emission standards or pay £12.50 to travel in that zone.

Unlike the congestion zone which only operates from 7am6pm, Monday to Friday, the ULEZ will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Find out if your vehicle complies

If you travel into the ULEZ and your vehicle does not comply with the new exhaust emission standards, you will have to pay the ULEZ charge as well as the weekday congestion charge.

If your vehicle complies with the emissions standards then you won’t have to pay the ULEZ charge.

Check if your vehicle complies with the ULEZ

Why the ULEZ is being introduced

The ULEZ is part of the Mayor of London’s plan to discourage the use of the most polluting vehicles and help improve air quality in London.

Bad air quality is extremely damaging to the lives of thousands of children and older people in London. It increases people’s risk of heart and lung disease, as well as conditions like asthma.

Find out what we are doing to improve air quality in Lewisham.

How the ULEZ will affect Lewisham

The ULEZ will be expanding on 21 October 2021 to include all roads within the North and South Circular (A205).

  • If you live or drive in this area, check your vehicle now to see if it complies with the new exhaust standards.
  • If you drive along the South Circular, you won’t have to pay the ULEZ charge unless you turn into the ULEZ.
  • There won’t be tolls or barriers. Cameras will monitor vehicles entering the zone and you will receive a fine for your journey in the post. 

Alternative transport for greener travel

There are more sustainable and healthier methods of transport that you can look into before the launch of the ULEZ.

Public transport



Car clubs and electric vehicle charging points

Scrappage schemes for micro businesses and charities

A scrappage scheme for micro businesses and charities has been launched by the Mayor of London.  Eligible businesses or charities can apply for funds to scrap up to three older minibuses or vans in order to switch to cleaner vehicles.