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Emissions-based parking charges

Find out about our emissions-based parking charges policy

As part of our work to improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions, we operate a system of emissions-based parking charges across the borough. This means the amount you pay for a parking permit or to park in a short-stay parking bay is calculated on the basis of your vehicle's emissions, with more polluting vehicles charged more.

Emissions-based charges for parking permits

The cost of parking permits for controlled parking zones are calculated on the basis of your vehicle's emissions. You can use our online permit calculator tool to find out the cost of a parking permit for your vehicle.

Find out more information about permits for controlled parking zones.

Emissions-based charges for short-stay parking

If you park in a short-stay parking bay or car park, the amount you pay will be calculated based on your vehicle’s emissions.

The current charges per hour as of 3 April 2023 are set out below. Non-euro 6 compliant diesel vehicles pay a £2 surcharge on top of the diesel charge.



Emissions Based

(g/km CO2)

Current Price (P/H)

Current Price (P/H)

Band 0 (Electric Vehicles only)



 Band 1 (1-100)



Band 2 (101-130)



Band 3 (131-165)



Band 4 (166-200)



Band 5 (201+)



Please note in some car parks, prices will be charged pro rata from 15 minutes up to an hour, thereafter charges will be at hourly rates.

Find out how much carbon dioxide your vehicle emits.

Find more information about the hourly charges for the car park you wish to park in.

Cashless system 

In order to facilitate emissions-based charges, we use a cashless system for short-stay parking. Customers need to use the Cashless provider app, website or telephone number in order to purchase a parking session. PayByPhone is the most convenient way to pay for parking - either use the app, do it online, or call us. 

Using the app

  1. Download the PayByPhone app from the Google Play or iOS App store.
  2. Enter your location code - This is the code you wish to park in as advertised on street signage.
  3. Enter the time duration you wish to park for - Check the details, then confirm your selection.
  4. Extend your parking at anytime - Add more time from wherever you are. Simply open the app and add time to your current parking meter. 

Call us

  1. Alternatively, visitors can call the IVR number 0800 546 0610.
  2. Respond to the prompts - Existing users will be prompted to enter the 4 or 5 digit location number and parking time required. New users will be guided through a registration process. 
  3. Wait for your parking to be confirmed - Once you have had confirmation you may leave your vehicle. Parking details will be sent to the handheld units the Parking Enforcement Officers patrol with.
  4. Extend your parking at anytime - Simply call the number you dialled in Step 1. Your account will be recognised and you will be given the option to extend your parking session or to start a new one.

Text us 

  1. Simply send a text message to 65565 with your location (see on-street signage), the duration you wish to park for, and the 3 digit security code (CVV2) on the back of your payment card to park the last used vehicle on your account.

    Duration format for SMS messages: 1m - 1 minute, 1h - 1 hour, 1d - 1 day.

  2. Wait for your parking space to be confirmed - You will receive a text message back confirming your parking has started. Please do not leave your vehicle until you have received this confirmation message.
  3. Extend your parking anytime - You can extend your parking session at any time by sending a message with just 'DURATION CVV2'.
  4. If you make a mistake, you can stop a parking session within the first 5 minutes of it starting by simply sending a message with the word 'FINISH'. In some locations, 'FINISH' can be used at any time prior to the end of your parking. 

To park a different vehicle already on your account, add the required number plate after the CVV2 e.g. 12345 1h 111 TEST123. 

Find your nearest PayPoint location

Should users still wish to pay with cash, this will be available in local shops that offer a PayPoint payment option. To locate your nearest PayPoint location, you can either text 'CASH' followed by the location code (see on-street signage) to 60075, or visit the PayPoint website.

Short-stay parking for Motorcycles

We have reviewed motorcycle parking charges and on 12 January 2022, Mayor and Cabinet approved the amended proposed pricing structure for motorcycle parking charges. It is proposed that, subject to statutory Traffic Management Order (TMO) consultation, motorcycle short stay parking charges is now in effect, please follow the link below for more information.

Keep up to date with information regarding motorcycle parking charges

PayByPhone locations

Please find the list of on street charges below:

Please find the list of off street charges below: