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Tackling poverty

Find out about the Lewisham Poverty Commission, which is working to tackle poverty in the borough.

This page provides information on the Lewisham Poverty Commission which reported its recommendations to Mayor and Cabinet in 2018.

To find out about our current work to address poverty in the borough, see our cost of living crisis page.

The Lewisham Poverty Commission's work

The Commission:

  • brings together local stakeholders and national experts

  • critically examines the challenge of poverty in Lewisham

  • looks for innovative ways to make a real difference to the lives of people affected by poverty

  • seeks the views and experience of local residents

  • examines what we (the Council and our partners) are currently doing to tackle poverty

  • identifies best practice from other councils.

Aims of the Lewisham Poverty Commission

The Commission’s aims are to:

  • recommend ways to alleviate poverty

  • reduce the negative effects of poverty

  • help communities be more resilient against poverty.

In December 2017, the Poverty Commission will present a report with recommendations to the elected Mayor and Cabinet and to our Executive Management Team.


We will focus on what will make the greatest impact on poverty in the borough and where we can genuinely make a difference including:

Get involved

The Commission has already organised visits to drop-in sessions at voluntary and community organisations where officers have spoken to a small number of residents – read more in the lived experience report.

Local assemblies have also been asked to discuss this at an assembly meeting. Check when your next assembly meeting is being held and what's on the agenda


The Commission combines expertise about poverty with expertise about the local area. Its members are:

  • Councillor Joe Dromey, Cabinet Member for Policy and Performance, Lewisham Council, and Chair of the Lewisham Poverty Commission

  • Alice Woudhuysen, London Campaign Manager, Child Poverty Action Group

  • Bharat Mehta, Chief Executive, Trust for London

  • Bill Davies, Head of Policy, Central London Forward

  • Councillor Brenda Dacres, Lewisham Council

  • Claire Mansfield, Head of Research, New Local Government Network

  • Councillor Colin Elliott, Lewisham Council

  • Debbie Weekes-Bernard, Policy and Research Manager, Joseph Rowntree Foundation

  • Gloria Wyse, Co-Chair, Lewisham Citizens

  • Councillor James-J Walsh, Lewisham Council

  • Councillor Joyce Jacca, Lewisham Council

  • Councillor Joan Millbank, Cabinet Member for the Third Sector and Community, Lewisham Council

  • Simon Griffiths, Senior Lecturer in Politics, Goldsmiths, University of London.

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