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Our values

Our values underpin everything we do and set a benchmark for our behaviour across the organisation.

Our values are: ambitious, inclusive, collaborative, accountable, trustworthy; and can be summed up by the statement: 

In Lewisham Council, we are ambitious for the future of our borough. We are inclusive in working with our residents, partners and colleagues, and collaborative in how we work with them. We are accountable for our actions, and trustworthy in all we do.


  • we’re here for the people of Lewisham
  • we actively seek and adopt innovative solutions, working together with them in partnership to improve the services we provide
  • we put ourselves in their shoes, remembering that every individual is different, and every interaction is an opportunity to make a difference 


  • we create an inclusive environment, where everyone feels safe to contribute their own unique perspective and outlook and fulfil their potential
  • we treat people fairly and equitably, nurturing a respectful, listening culture where people feel they belong, can challenge the status quo, share their ideas, and together identify new ways of doing thin


  • we work together across disciplines, roles and communities to tap into everyone’s insights, skills and experience
  • we look to unlock the problem-solving power of diverse thinking and approaches, wherever they come from, co-producing solutions and ideas
  • we are flexible and ready to adapt, to improve the services we provide 


  • we are willing to stand up and be counted, every day
  • we use our initiative and take responsibility for getting things done as efficiently and effectively as possible
  • we take ownership for our individual performance and contribute to continuous improvement
  • we have the determination and persistence to ensure we deliver, through thick and thin, to consistent high standards 


  • we demonstrate integrity and do the right thing, even when we find it difficult
  • we are transparent and straightforward, taking responsibility for our actions
  • we are open about our motivations and clear about the rationale and evidence for our decisions, demonstrating understanding, compassion and care