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Report parking issues

Find out more about how to report parking issues and what action the enforcement contractor will take following a report.

Parking issues

Penalty Charge Notices will be issued to any vehicle observed contravening by a London Borough of Lewisham Civil Enforcement Officer.

Parking issues we can enforce

We can enforce issues such as:

  • obstructive parking
  • footway parking
  • engine idling

We cannot enforce moving traffic contravention issues such as:

  • mopeds riding on pavement
  • speeding

We also cannot enforce any issues on TfL red routes.

How to report parking issues

Vehicles which are in parking contravention can be reported by telephone or by email.

Telephone: 020 8787 5397 (option 5) 

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 6.30am - 11.30pm, Saturday 6.30am - 7.30pm, Sunday 6.30am - 4pm

Email: LewishamParking@NSLServices.co.uk. Please add in the subject line Idling Vehicle Report FAO On-Street.

After the report is made

We will try to send a Civil Enforcement Officer to the scene of the report but cannot guarantee immediate attendance before a vehicle moves on. Reports of parking issues will be tracked by NSL Lewisham Parking Services whether a Penalty Charge Notice is issued or not.

Enforcement will be adjusted as parking issues are identified over time.