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Submit or view a petition

Find out how to start a petition and what happens after you submit it, or see current petitions.

Who can start a petition

If you want to petition us, you need to live, work or study in the borough. You can sign or organise a petition at any age.

How to petition us

You can either:

What you can petition us about

You can petition us about:

  • matters and services we are responsible for

  • matters and services other public bodies are responsible for, such as the NHS and Transport for London

What you can’t petition us about

We cannot respond to petitions that are:

  • about an individual's circumstances

  • about planning and licensing applications

  • defamatory or contain offensive language

What you need to include

Your petition must include the signature and address of every person signing it.

What happens after you submit your petition

  • We will confirm we have received your petition
  • If your petition is rejected, we will tell you why
  • If your petition is accepted, we will tell you when you can expect a written response
  • If your petition is signed by more then 1% of the population of the borough (assessed at 300,600 by the ONS at the 2021 census), it may be debated by the full council


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