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Voting and elections

Register to vote or find out about the election process and previous election results.
Local Elections 2022 - London Borough of Lewisham Results

The results of yesterday's local elections in Lewisham are finalised.

Full details of each ward, elected members and voting numbers can be found here.

Election results

These pages contain information about elections in the borough.

Local and Mayoral Elections 2022

Elections for the Mayor of Lewisham and 54 ward councillors will be held on Thursday 5 May 2022.

Lewisham Elections 5 May 2022 - statements from Mayoral candidates

The Mayoral address booklet contains statements from each of the candidates for Mayor of Lewisham, plus useful information about the election

Lewisham Elections 5 May 2022 list of candidates

List of candidates for each ward for the May 5 2022 Lewisham elections.

Where is my polling station?

Find your polling station for elections on 5 May 2022.

Updating the electoral register

Every year we update the electoral register to confirm who is eligible to vote. This is called the annual canvass.


Find out who can vote and how to register to vote.

Electoral reviews

Sometimes we examine our electoral system, for example to review ward names and boundaries or the number of elected members and councillors.

Mayor of London and London Assembly Election 2021

The election to elect a Mayor for London and 25 London Assembly Members took place on 6 May 2021.