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Find out about primary schools and secondary schools in the borough, plus school admissions, curriculum and term dates.
Primary schools
A list of primary school in the borough and their contact details
Secondary schools
A list of secondary schools in the borough and their contact details.
Schools admissions
Information for residents about applying for primary or secondary school places.
School term and holiday dates
Term and holiday dates for schools in the borough.
School improvement
How we are helping schools in the borough get even better
School curriculum
Here you can find information on school-related activities and the school curriculum.​
School attendance
If children do not attend school regularly, they will fall behind and may not be able to keep up with the work. By law, all children between the age of five and 16 must have a suitable full-time education.
School meals
Apply for school meals online.
Religious education in schools
Information on religious education in our schools and how we decide what gets taught.
Music education in schools
Find out about music education in schools.
Emergencies at school
All Lewisham schools are responsible for developing plans on how they will manage local emergencies such as fire and flood.
Pupil information and records
We are often asked how long certain records should be retained by a school before they can be disposed of.
Primary, secondary and post-16 schools performance
See our primary and secondary school performance tables.
School statutory notices
These are the statutory notices relating to changes in schools.