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This section takes you through the arrangements you may have to make when someone dies, and gives information on the support you can get.

Registering a death

Death registration appointments will take place at the Register Office.

Public health funerals

Under the Public Health (Control of Diseases) Act 1984, local authorities are responsible for organising public health funerals.

Arranging a funeral

Most funerals are arranged by the nearest relatives. However, if there are no relatives, anyone close to the person can arrange the funeral instead.

Paying for a funeral

The total cost of a funeral will include the costs of burial or cremation, the price of a coffin, fees for the funeral service and the professional services of the funeral director.

Support, advice and benefits

When someone dies, you may need emotional support for coping with grief. You may also want practical advice about your finances and benefits.

Post-mortems and exhumations

Information about Lewisham public mortuary, the regional coroner and exhuming a deceased body.

Cemeteries and the crematorium

Find out when our cemeteries and crematorium are open.
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