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Information for social housing tenants

Advice if you are already a social housing tenant.
The Housing Options Centre at Laurence House is currently closed due to COVID-19

If you need housing advice please call 0808 178 0939. We will refer anyone homeless or at risk of homelessness to our Homeless Prevention and Assessments Team who will assess you by phone.

You are able to use the Freephone service in Laurence House if you do not have access to a telephone. Please note that there continues to be no face-to-face service and you will not be seen by an officer if you present here.

Thames Water overpayments

This page is to help those who may be eligible for a credit as a result of overpaid water charges.

Moving house if you are a social housing tenant

If you would like to move from your current social housing there are several schemes you may be eligible for.

Lewisham Homes

Information for Lewisham Homes tenants.

Who manages our social housing

See a list of social landlords within the borough.

Repairs for older and disabled people

We help older and/or disabled residents to live independently for longer.

Keeping your home warm

We can provide a support package to help vulnerable residents stay warm and healthy during the colder months.