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Roads and pavements

Find out who is responsible for street faults and other issues concerning highways in the borough.
Arrange a road closure
Sometimes works or events on the highway require a road to be temporarily closed to general traffic. These closures require a Traffic Regulation Order issued by the highway authority.
Road and pavement obstructions
It is an offence to obstruct the free passage of the road or pavement.
Gritting in icy weather
We provide a winter gritting service from the first weekend in December to early April.
Flooding and leaks
Find out how to report highway flooding and related emergencies.
Highway Register
The main categories in the Highway Register are:
Street lighting
Find out about street lighting in the borough and how to report a fault.
Lewisham Streetscape Guide
Lewisham’s streetscape – by which we mean the things you see at street level when you travel around any built-up area, from paving to street lighting, road signs to litterbins, kerbs to bus shelters – is an important feature of the borough.
Potholes, roadworks and road markings
Find out who is responsible for potholes, roadworks and road markings, and how to report problems.
Signs, street furniture, bridges and verges
Find out who is responsible and how to report problems.