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Blue Badge disabled parking

Find out about the Blue Badge disabled parking scheme including where you can park, who is eligible and how to apply.
Requests for disabled parking bays

Applications for disabled parking bays are on hold until the review of our parking policy is complete. You can still submit an application form in this time and we will write to all applicants once the parking policy is agreed to confirm next steps.

Beware online scams

There are a number of third-party websites claiming to process Blue Badge applications for £50. You should avoid these websites and use our official application form. If you are eligible for a Blue Badge, it will only cost you £10. If you have had a negative experience with one of these scams, you can contact the Citizens Advice Bureau for support.

Visitor Vouchers app

Download the new smartphone app to purchase visitor vouchers.

Website survey

We want your help with improving our website so it is easier to use, and provides the information that residents need. Help us by filling in this short survey.

How to apply or renew

How to reply or renew online, or send us a question.

Who is eligible

Eligibility criteria for Blue Badge parking permits for disabled drivers.

Parking restrictions and disabled parking bays

Find out where your Blue Badge allows you to park, and how to apply for a disabled parking bay.

Blue Badge scheme procedure document

Download our Blue Badge scheme procedure for a detailed explanation of how the process works.