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Adult social care

If you need care as an adult, we can help you look at the available care and support options.
Health and wellbeing directory

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How we're supporting care providers

Find out how we're supporting the care market - including our response to the Cost of Care reform.

Process for getting adult social care support

Information about the different steps involved in exploring your adult social care support needs.

Care in your home and when you need to move

We offer care support and advice that can help you improve your home to make it the best for you.

Care homes

Care homes offer accommodation for people that may not be able to live independently and have care needs.

Paying for care and other financial advice

Information about the costs of adult social care, the different options for paying for services and how we might be able to help with your care costs.

Keeping vulnerable adults safe from abuse

Information about how we aim to keep our residents safe, especially those who use care services to manage day-to-day life.

Making important decisions for someone else

If you care for someone else there may come a time when you have to manage their affairs.

End-of-life care

At the end of people’s lives, it is important that patients and their families receive the care and support they need to make this difficult time as manageable as possible.

Becoming a personal assistant in social care

We offer support and advice to enable you to work as a personal assistant in the caring sector.

Money and paperwork

What to do if you have money worries or need help managing your finances and paperwork.


Find out what to do if your health or social care need makes it harder for you to socialise.

Help to care for children

Find out what help is available with caring for children.

Kitbag accessible activities in the community

Kitbag provides options for activities using the direct payment that you have been awarded.

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