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Cold Blow Lane (New Cross)

Lewisham Council is proposing a trial road restriction at Cold Blow Lane in New Cross to improve road safety and encourage walking and cycling. From Monday, 29 July 2024 the road between Mercury Way and Sanford Walk, will be closed to motor vehicles (motorcycles, cars, vans and heavy goods vehicles) until further notice.


Overtime the community has been concerned about this section of road being dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists - and particularly for school children. There have been multiple petitions and campaigns calling for change. This trial scheme responds to these concerns and aims at making Cold Blow Lane safer for walking and cycling. 

Important details

  • the restrictions will be enforced using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras under an Experimental Traffic Order
  • only authorised vehicles (including the emergency services) will be allowed to drive through Cold Blow Lane during the trial scheme, from Monday 29 July 2024
  • construction starts from Monday, 29 July 2024 to Friday, 2 August 2024 in preparation for the trial restriction.

Map of area impacted 

Share your views

Residents and those who use Cold Blow Lane are welcome to give feedback about the changes during the first 6 months of the Experimental Traffic Order by visiting our online survey when it goes live,  or by emailing the contact address below for a paper survey.

You can give feedback between Monday 29 July 2024 and Friday 31 January 2025.

Following the initial 6-month period, the Council will review data and feedback to help decide whether the measures will be amended, removed or made permanent.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact activetravel@lewisham.gov.uk with the subject Cold Blow Lane walking and cycling route

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are you making these changes?

The safety issues at Cold Blow Lane have been the subject of petitions and complaints over many years from our residents.  We are listening to the concerns of our residents and this trial road restriction aims to address these concerns by making the road safer for walking and cycling.

What is an Experimental Traffic Order?

Experimental Traffic Orders (ETO) are like standard Traffic Orders but are designed to review the effectiveness of the scheme while in operation. The Council will be collecting data such as traffic surveys to see how the trial restrictions impact the local area along with survey feedback. Following the initial 6-month period, the Council will assess the data and feedback to help decide whether the measures will be amended, removed or made permanent.

How long will the road restrictions be in place?

Currently the plans are to keep the road restrictions in place for a maximum of 18 months as part of the trial, until 31 January 2026. However, depending on the outcome of the consultation and the data collected over the trial period, the restrictions may be amended, removed or made permanent before this date. Any plans for major changes will be communicated to residents.

What construction works will be undertaken for the new road restrictions?

Construction works are planned between Monday 29 July – Friday 2 August 2024.

We will:

  • undertake minor highway modifications at the junction between Cold Blow Lane and Mercury Way
  • install advance warning signs at Surrey Canal Road, Mercury Way, Sanford Street and Cold Blow Lane to notify and inform drivers of the new road layout and the new camera-enforced restrictions

What road should I use instead of Cold Blow Lane?

Pedestrians and cyclists are encouraged to remain using Cold Blow Lane and enjoy the benefits of a quieter and safer road.

Those who are driving are encouraged to use Surrey Canal Road or New Cross Road as an alternative route to reach your destination. Unlike Cold Blow Lane, these roads are designed with carriageway widths that are suitable for higher volumes of traffic.

I live in Sanford Walk. How will I be affected by the new road restrictions?

The restrictions do not go beyond Sanford Walk to ensure that residents at Sanford Walk can retain access to their properties without being affected by the measures.

What happens if I drive through Cold Blow Lane?

Only authorised vehicles such as the emergency services can drive through Cold Blow Lane between Mercury Way and Sanford Walk after the 29 July 2024 until further notice.

Unauthorised vehicles will receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) for violating the traffic order.

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