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Ask a question at a council meeting

Find out how you can make an enquiry or raise an issue at a Council meeting.

We are determined to make Lewisham the best place in London to live, work and learn. And we know that we can only achieve this vision by listening to, and working with, local people. 

The most obvious way residents influence local decision-making is by voting in elections. But there are other ways you can raise issues with the council and get involved in the decision-making process.

Ask a public question

Residents, business rate payers, and anyone else who can vote in a Lewisham Council election can make an enquiry or raise an issue at a full Council meeting by asking a public question.

If there is an issue you want the Council to look at, or an area where you believe we can make improvements, a public question is a good way to bring it to the Council's attention. Your question may lead to an investigation or review of the issue you raise, and could be very important for other residents affected by the same issue.

Public questions will be addressed at council meetings but you must submit your question at least 15 days before a meeting.

How do I ask a question?

To submit your question, please do one of the following:

We will email you an answer to your question by 5pm the night before the meeting. You can then attend the Council meeting and ask a follow-up question at that meeting.

When the Chair indicates that it is time for further questions, you may ask the Cabinet member to clarify a point in the answer sent to you before the meeting. Or you can ask a further question about the issue you asked a question about. Please note, however, that time set aside for follow up questions can not be used for a member of the public to make their own speech on the issue they have raised.

Publishing of public questions

Bear in mind that any question you ask, the response and any other related papers will be published at the meeting and will be available to the press and public.

What can I ask a question about?

You can ask a question relating to any issue we are involved in dealing with. But  remember that public questions must relate to Lewisham Council's work or involvement in a situation. This ensures that meaningful action can be taken to address any problems you help to identify.

Complaints procedure

The council has a separate complaints procedure to deal with individual casework or complaints.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) statement

At the Council meeting, your full name will be published with your question/s, along with the names of other members of the public who have asked a question/s. This document will be a public document.

Read our privacy notice.

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