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Council tax

Pay your council tax, apply for refunds and reductions, change your details and make other enquiries.
Summons surgery appointments

If you have received a summons and wish to query or dispute it, book a summons surgery telephone call-back.

Summons surgery

Book a telephone call back appointment to discuss your Council Tax summons.

Pay now

Direct debit is the safest and easiest way to pay your council tax, and you can choose from three payment dates. 

Apply for a discount

Find out what council tax reductions are available.

View your account

​Log in to your council tax account to view your bills, statements and balance.

Apply for a refund

Tell us if you have paid too much council tax and need a refund.

Tell us you've moved

Tell us about a change in your main address.

Landlords: tell us about a change in tenancy

Tell us about a change in occupancy of a property you own or manage.​

Submit evidence

Upload evidence, such as proof that you qualify for exemptions or discounts, or proof of payments.

Bands and charges

Find out how your council tax rate is determined and see tax bands for previous years.

If you don't pay

Find out what happens if you don't pay your council tax and how to get financial advice.

Who has to pay

Find out if you are liable to pay council tax.

Dispute a missing payment

​Use this form if we've told you that you've missed a council tax payment, and you want to dispute this.


Find out how to appeal your council tax.

When someone dies

Find out what you need to do about council tax when someone dies.

Set up a summons payment arrangement

Set up a payment arrangement to pay your summons.

Service standards

See our performance figures and service standards, and find out what to do if we do not deliver them.

Give us feedback

Give us your comments, compliments and suggestions about council tax.

Council tax documents

Find details of our council tax and how we collect it.

Search the council tax section