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Garden waste

All garden waste collections in Lewisham must be paid for. Find out how to sign up and use our garden waste service.
Garden waste subscriptions and bin removals

Subscribe or renew your subscription for the year April 2024 to March 2025. 

Residents can subscribe by paying the full amount of £93.50 using a debit or credit card. Subscribed residents can expect to receive a sticker within 10 working days. New subscribers without a bin can expect to receive their bin within 10 working days.

From June 2024, we will start to remove unsubscribed bins. If you wish to continue to use the service, subscribe as soon as possible to avoid disruption to the service. 

Garden waste collections

If you're a Lewisham resident anywhere in the borough, you can opt in to our garden waste disposal subscription. The service costs £93.50 a year (about £1.79 per week).

The subscription period runs from 1 April to 31 March. To avoid missed collections you should subscribe before April as renewal opens in February. If you miss it, you can subscribe any time in the year.   

This weekly collection service enables disposal of garden waste such as grass cuttings, weeds, twigs and small branches. Find out what you can and cannot put in your garden waste bin.

Customers of the service will receive a 240 litre brown garden waste bin (this is the same size as our on-street recycling bins). If you think you'll produce more than 240 litre of garden waste, you can ask for an additional 240 litre bin and pay an additional £93.50.  


  • put your garden waste bin ready for collection by 6am on the day of your collection - find out your collection day
  • to ensure collection, your garden waste bin must be moved to the inside edge of your property and be clear of obstructions
  • your bin must not be over filled - if you have additional waste store it on your property and put it out for collection the following week 
  • we will not collect heavy bins weighing over 20kgs
  • the bin must not be damaged, the wheels need to work, and the lid should shut - order a replacement bin if yours is damaged
  • garden waste bins must only contain items including branches no more than 10cm thick and 50cm long, cut-up Christmas trees, fallen fruit, flowers, hedge trimmings, house flowers, leaves, plants, twigs, weeds (except Japanese knotweed, Rhododendron, Yew, Ragwort or Hemlock)

If you think your bin has been missed, please report a missed garden waste collection.

Alternative ways to dispose of your garden waste 

It is important that garden waste is not placed in your rubbish (black) bin for disposal.   

We provide the garden waste collection service at £93.50 per annum for 52 collections (£1.79 per collection), however if you do not wish to participate in this service and produce garden waste you need to find an alternative way to get rid of the garden waste. 

Other options include:

If you continue to use the garden waste service but do not pay, you are in breach of your household responsibilities outlined in the Environmental Protection Act 1990 - this could result in a fine of up to £300.

Your garden waste subscription

Renewing your subscription

You can renew your yearly subscription from February for collections starting in April.  

Cancelling your subscription

After your 14-day cooling off period, the fee is non-refundable. If you want to cancel your subscription during the first 14 days please contact the garden waste team on 020 8314 9756 between 9am and 4pm, Monday to Friday or email gardenwaste@lewisham.gov.uk.

Terms and conditions

When you pay, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the garden waste collection service.

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