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If you don’t pay your sundry debt

​We will send you a reminder if you do not pay your debt, or you pay late. The reminder shows how much remains outstanding and when it needs to be paid by. If you continue to miss payments or pay late, we may have to take further recovery action against you.  

Repaying a sundry debt using proceeds from the sale of your house

​If you have not repaid overpayments and you are a homeowner, we can place a charge against your property so that when you sell it, the overpayment (including costs) will be paid from the proceeds of the sale.

Unpaid sundry debt collection

​We currently use external debt collection agencies to act on our behalf to collect unpaid sundry debts.

Sundry debt collection and bankruptcy

​We can apply to the court to petition for you to be made bankrupt if your debt is more than £5,000. 

Paying a sundry debt by freezing your bank account

​A third-party debt order is usually made to stop you taking money out of your bank or building society account. The overpayment owed is then paid to us from the account.

Paying a sundry debt by collecting money from your employer

​If you are employed, we can ask the courts to collect the money you owe directly from your employer.
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