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Animal welfare

Report lost or stray animals, find information about how to keep your pet safe and report any animal welfare concerns.
Information about dogs and reporting lost dogs
Find out how to report your dog being lost, report a stray, report an attack or claim your lost dog.
Lost and stray cats
Find out how to report strays and report or find your lost cat.
Report a lost pet
On this page you can a report a lost pet to us. 
Tell us about sick or injured wildlife
Find out what to do if you find a sick or injured wild animal that you think needs urgent medical attention.
Pet neutering scheme
Neutering your pet has positive health benefits for your animal, and for your local environment. Find out how to get discounts for neutering.
What to do with your pet in an emergency
Find out what to do if you need to move your pet at short notice because of an emergency, e.g. due to fire or flood.
How to deter foxes
Follow this advice to ​help deter foxes from your property. 
Fireworks and animal safety
Read about some practical ways in which you can keep your pets safe around fireworks.
Report animal welfare concerns
If you are worried about how an animal is being treated you can report it to us.