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The lake at Beckenham Place Park

Find out information about the restoration of the lake at Beckenham Place Park.

Works to restore the lake at Beckenham Place Park are well underway, and are expected to be completed by summer 2019.

  • The lake is around 285 metres long by 48 metres wide.
  • It is 3.5 metres at its deepest level.
  • The shallowest area will be the end of the lake, furthest from the mansion. This will be planted with reeds as a transitional area towards the wet woodland.
  • An aeration system has been installed.
  • Aquatic planting will take place during spring, to help absorb nutrients and improve the quality of the water.

The water in the lake

The lake will be filled to its final level by May 2019. It will be filled and refreshed by three sources of water:

  • Natural run-off as it is located at a low point in the park.
  • Ground water harvested through a drainage system installed below the lake liner.
  • Water from the chalk aquifer under the park, which is accessed by a new 76 metre deep borehole.
  • There will also be an outflow into the wet woodland that will, over time, create a new ecologically rich and locally rare habitat.

After the lake is filled, the water will:

  • take time to settle (access will be restricted during this time)
  • probably look green at first. This is natural and does not necessarily mean that the quality is compromised
  • will be tested regularly. If tests show the water quality has dropped below acceptable levels for swimming, this will be communicated.

Swimming in the lake

You will be able to swim in the lake. There may also be other water sports that will take place at various times.

You will be able to:

  • access the lake from the shelving beach area
  • use the jetty on the northern bank to enter the lake.

Changing facilities are not being built as part of the lake’s restoration. During peak times of the year, there may be temporary, basic changing facilities, such as screens
– but this is yet to be confirmed.

Dogs will not be allowed in the lake. This is important to help maintain good water quality.

We are currently developing the operating model for the lake. This will include whether there will be provision for lifeguarding at certain times of the year, and if there will be time restrictions on swimming. Details of this will be published in due course.