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Sydenham Wells Park

Find out about Sydenham Wells Park.

Sydenham Wells Park is arguably one of the most attractive parks in the borough. It offers water features, formal gardens and an array of mature trees and shrubs.

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The park is patrolled by on-site park keepers.

How to access Sydenham Wells Park.

  • Access the park via Wells Park Road.

  • The park is serviced by bus routes 202, 356.


Facilities include:

  • children’s playgrounds (including an under 5s playground)

  • tennis courts

  • outdoor gym

  • multi-sports ball courts

  • the Friends of park group

  • a water play area

  • a nature reserve

  • a sensory garden.

Toilets, including disabled facilities

The opening hours of the toilets are currently reduced due to COVID-19.

The toilets are open Friday, Saturday and Monday, 11am–4pm.

Sensory garden

A wide range of vibrant and colourful plants have been planted in the garden that stimulate all the five senses.

The water feature, a large rock with recycled water trickling over it, symbolises the underground springs in Sydenham Wells Park. It is powered by solar energy.

A black metal seat encircles the tree in the Sensory Garden.

Many helping hands have been involved in this project - mainly Glendale’s Ground Staff and the Green Gym volunteers.

Nature reserve

Previously the site of Wynell Road Nursery, this small backland between Queenswood and Wynell Roads has been managed as a nature reserve. 

This was since 1988, when we obtained the freehold under a planning agreement from the developer of the adjacent housing estate. 

The nature reserve has been planted with:

  • dog rose

  • beech

  • hawthorn

  • hazel

as part of an initiative by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association. 

Also planted in the reserve are:

  • a Handkerchief tree

  • a Monkey Puzzle tree

  • British elms

Local residents have shown a keen interest in the reserve from the start. Some sit on a management committee and carry out practical work on the site.

This is under the guidance of the Council’s nature conservation section.

The site is kept locked when staff are not present on site.

Therapy resource 

The Sydenham Garden Project uses the nature reserve as a community horticultural therapy resource. This is for those coping with significant illness to recover their lives through outdoor and creative work.


The site is a combination of scrubby woodland and rough grassland. The grassland is dominated by false oat-grass and Yorkshire-fog, which is cut annually in autumn.

An abundance of goat's-rue provides a fine display of pink and white flowers in summer. This plant was introduced to Britain as a fodder crop. It is now well established in rough grasslands and wastelands throughout London, though it remains scarce over much of the rest of the country.

A number of large ant-hills in the grassland suggest that it has been undisturbed for a considerable period of time.


Scattered trees and patches of scrub add variety and provide food and cover for a range of birds, including nesting blackcaps, and other animals.

A large patch of bramble in a sunny spot near the gate is particularly favoured by butterflies, such as:

  • holly blue

  • speckled wood, and

  • meadow brown

which are attracted by its nectar-rich flowers.


The large pond on site attracts a wide range of bird species including:

  • mallards

  • moorhens

  • tufted ducks

  • grey herons.

Other species which have been seen in the park include the

  • chiffchaff

  • chaffinch

  • goldfinch

  • greenfinch

  • jay

  • nuthatch

  • coal tit

  • redstart

  • tree creeper

  • wagtail

  • woodpecker, and

  • sparrow hawk. 

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