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Motorcycle parking charges consultation

Why we are proposing to introduce motorcycle parking charges.
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To improve air quality

In January 2020, the Mayor and Cabinet approved an update to the parking policy, which included the introduction of emissions-based parking permits.

Emissions-based permits were implemented in April 2020, and the implementation saw the least polluting vehicles pay less for their permits and the higher polluting vehicles pay more.

In an effort to protect the health of local residents, tackle climate change and improve air quality, the council is proposing the introduction of emissions-based parking charges for motorcycles. This step would bring our parking policy in line for all vehicles across the borough.

Motorcycles are known to emit harmful air pollutants including carbon emissions, nitrogen oxide, and particulate matter (PM2.5). Particulate matter is especially dangerous, as it can enter the lungs and cause cardiovascular disease.

To help reduce the negative impact of motorcycle emissions on our health and environment, we brought a proposal to the council’s Sustainable Development Select Committee in June 2021, which recommended introducing motorcycle parking charges.

In July 2021, the Mayor and Cabinet approved a consultation on the proposed charges with key internal and external stakeholders like yourself.

Motorcycle parking charges mean that in order to park in any paid for bay across the borough, motorcyclists would now have to purchase either a permit (including but not limited to Resident, Business and Visitor permits) or pay for short-stay parking. Both options would be based on emissions.

Emissions-based charging for motor vehicle parking permits came into effect in April 2020 and has proved successful. The council is now also introducing emissions-based short-stay parking charges for cars and vans, so this new proposal will align motorcycles with all other vehicles.

The proposals 

The public consultation ran from 9 August to 1 November 2021. The new proposals, based on the outcome of the public consultation, were presented to Mayor & Cabinet on 12 January 2022.

Mayor and Cabinet have now approved the proposals that were presented on 12 January 2022. 

What happens next

As Mayor and Cabinet have approved the proposals, the following steps will now be taken:

  • A Traffic Management Order (TMO) will be drafted, and a Notice of Proposal of the changes will be published.
  • A statutory consultation will take place for three weeks from the publication of the Notice of Proposal, in which the public can make any objections to the scheme.
  • Any objections to the scheme will be passed to the Executive Director of Housing, Regeneration and the Public Realm, who will decide whether or not to implement the scheme.

View the report

Read the report that was presented to the SDSC on 30 June, and subsequently approved by Mayor and Cabinet on 14 July.

Read the report that was approved by Mayor and Cabinet on 12 January 2022.