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Parking permits for carers

The carer’s permits are issued free of charge and entitle the parking of carer’s vehicles for those residents living within a CPZ who require constant help in the provision of their care,  whether from family, friends or professional carers. 


The resident is required to provide supporting evidence from a medical practitioner that assistance in the provision of care is required by the individual. The applicant does not have to live alone and entitlement is extended to residents where there is a maximum of one full charge resident permit held for a vehicle at that property. 

If the medical condition is of a permanent nature the supporting medical evidence should state this and be dated within 3 months of the permit application.

If the condition is of a permanent nature and medical evidence is supplied with the initial application, it is not required upon permit renewal, unless there has been a significant change.

If the medical condition is not of a permanent nature, the medical evidence supplied should be dated within three months of the application and must be supplied annually upon permit renewal.

Limitations on use 

Carer permits are only issued to households that do not hold more than one full charge resident permit.

The permit is not vehicle specific, and is issued to the resident who in turn may pass to their carer when visiting. The permit allows the carer to park nearby in the same manner as a resident, but does not guarantee a parking space.

As the permit is not vehicle specific, if a permit is lost or stolen, it would not be replaced whilst still valid. The resident will be responsible for ensuring the permit is returned to them after each visit for future use.

Carer permits only allow half a days parking (maximum 4 hours) for any specific vehicle on any particular day.

How to apply for a permit

You can now apply for an annual permit online. You will need to provide a scanned copy of a letter from your doctor or GP confirming your address and that you are housebound and dependant on a carer on a daily basis.

Using the permit 

Carer permits are now available as e-permits.

Permit holders should register their carers' vehicle details online via their permit account. Once registered, they should activate each parking session (including the start time) once their carer arrives (a maximum of four hours).

If you are unable to activate each parking session online, you can request a paper copy of your permit. To do this please register for your permit online first and then request a paper copy of your permit via email Lewishamparkingpermits@nslservices.co.uk or call 033 3006 8348.

The paper permit should be provided to the carer when they visit during the operating hours of the zone, and displayed clearly in their vehicle.

The permit can be used for a maximum of four hours per day, and can be used for any vehicle as it does not carry a specific vehicle registration number, unlike a residents' permit.

Please remember that the paper permit should be returned to the resident after use, so that the permit can be used by the next visitor. Lost or stolen permits will not be replaced.

If you do not have access to the internet or require assistance or advice around carers' permits, please call 08452 185 248.


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