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Visitor parking permits

Visitor permits allow residents' visitors to park in 'resident permit holder' parking bays in the controlled parking zones (CPZs).


Visitor permits are now paperless. You can register your visitor's vehicle in advance or when they arrive.

The process takes only a few minutes and once you have registered for the first time, subsequent visitor applications are completed quickly. Parking attendants are given the details of your visitor's vehicle on the electronic readers they carry.

Visitor permit costs

  • Per hour: £1.40 or £10 for a batch of 10*

  • Per half-day (up to five hours): £2.80

  • Per day: £5.60

  • Per week: £20

Scratch cards are also available

There may be times when you do not know when your visitor will arrive, how long they will stay or what their vehicle details are e.g. if someone is doing work in your home or will be at your house when you are not there. In these circumstances, you can buy scratch cards in advance online or in person at Lewisham Library

Your visitor can complete their details on their arrival and put the scratch card on the dashboard of their vehicle in the normal way. If you are buying permits from Lewisham Library, you will need to bring a current council tax or utility bill as proof of residency.

Do I have to buy visitor permits?

You will need a visitor permit if your visitor wishes to park in a residents' bay in the CPZ during zone operating times. A permit is not necessary outside of the CPZ operating times.

If you do not wish to buy a visitor permit your visitor will need to park in one of the following places:

  • on your driveway or your land

  • outside the operating times of the controlled parking zone when parking is free and unrestricted

  • in a pay and display space

Why do we charge for visitor permits?

We implement parking controls to manage the demand for kerbside parking in areas where there aren't many parking spaces.

We introduce permits and charges to manage these areas and make sure that kerbside parking is available for permit holders who live and work within the CPZ.

*Upon application, a book of 10 one-hour visitor parking permits will be provided free of charge to all households that currently have at least one paid annual resident parking permit. We will also, upon application, give a free book of 10 one-hour visitor parking permits each year to any residents in CPZs who are over 60, get council tax support and do not have another annual parking permit.