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Business parking permits

Business permits are available to employees of businesses within the borough’s controlled parking zones and can be applied for or renewed online.
Holbeach Road lighting update

From Monday 22 November the lighting works will be moving to the first (middle) floor for the next two weeks until 6 December.

All permit and Pay and Display users may use the second level and ground level during this period.

Visitor Vouchers app

Download the new smartphone app to purchase visitor vouchers.

We offer two types of business parking permits

Business permit – allows you to park in business parking bays, dual and triple use bays, within the controlled parking zone (CPZ) that the business resides within. This permit is best if you are based in one location and need to park nearby.

Business All Zones permit (previously Business Z permit) – allows you to park in business parking bays, dual and triple use bays, in all CPZs in the borough. This permit is best if you are not based at a fixed location, and/ or are required to park in various locations across the borough.


From 1 April 2020, the price of these permits will vary depending on your vehicle.

We’re introducing new banded charges for residents based on a vehicle’s CO2 emissions (according to HMRC vehicle bands).

  • Permits for the least polluting vehicles will be cheaper than now, while the most polluting vehicles will pay more.

  • There’ll be a £50 surcharge for diesel vehicles as they produce air polluting nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM).

  • Euro-6 compliant diesel vehicles will not be subject to this surcharge.

Read the new parking policy here.

Find out what band your vehicle is in and the cost of your permit with our Permit calculator tool.

You can put up to two vehicles on your permit, at no extra charge. However, only one vehicle will be covered by the parking permit at any one time and this must be activated via your online permit account. Failure to do so may result in your vehicle receiving a penalty charge notice (PCN).

If you have more than one vehicle on your permit, your permit price will be based on the emissions banding of the vehicle in the highest band.

If you wish to register a new vehicle (from 1 April)

If you have purchased or renewed a permit before 1 April 2020, and need to make changes to your permit, you’ll need to cancel your existing permit and apply for a new permit via our new permit system. Cancelled permits will be refunded for all unused whole months left on the permit. Please see permit cancellation details below.

Once set up, you’ll be able to access your permit details online, and make changes to your vehicle details as required. Permits approved before 1 April are done so on the basis of the current parking policy and are based on the details submitted at the time of application. This includes vehicle registration and address.

If you have purchased or renewed a permit after 1 April 2020 you can make these changes via your online permit account free of charge.

Cancellations and refunds for existing permits purchased before 1 April 2020

We understand that cancelling your permit, applying for a refund and reapplying for your permit on our new system is not ideal. Unfortunately, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) does not permit us to transfer this data for you.

We are trying to make this transition as simple as possible.

Please email lewishamparkingpermits@nslservices.co.uk confirming that you would like to cancel your permit and apply for a refund (for all unused months remaining on your permit).

Please include both:

  • Your permit reference number

  • The date you would like us to cancel your permit.

We’ll refund you as soon as possible via the original payment method. If this has changed, please let us know.

All refunds must be applied for via email or telephone (033 3006 8348).

In the meantime, please apply for your new permit on our new online system. Most permits will be approved straight away. If yours isn’t, don’t worry, your permit will be active as soon as you submit your application. We’ll give you 30 days to submit any requested supporting documents before cancelling your application