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Introduction of new controlled parking zones

Find out why we use controlled parking zones (CPZs) and how they are introduced

A controlled parking zone (CPZ) is an area where parking on the public highway is restricted at certain times. Depending on the nature of the controlled parking zone, parking may only be allowed for vehicles with a permit or you may need to pay to park in a short-stay parking bay.

Controlled parking zones aim to reduce parking pressure and discourage unnecessary car journeys, in order to reduce traffic and congestion and improve air quality. They are particularly important in areas which attract high numbers of visitors or commuters, such as near train stations, shopping centres, town centres and hospitals, resulting in significant parking pressures and increased traffic, congestion and air pollution.

They also aim to ensure that available parking is prioritised for local residents, businesses and those who rely on a vehicle to get around, as well as helping address issues with unsafe or inconsiderate parking.

New controlled parking zones

When new controlled parking zones are proposed for an area, consultation is carried out with local residents and businesses. Individual comments and concerns are considered and feedback is collated on a street-by-street basis to help inform a decision about whether to introduce a new controlled parking zone.

Officer recommendations about whether to introduce a controlled parking zone in an area, consider the feedback received during this consultation period, alongside data on parking pressure, road safety, air quality and walking and cycling needs and the Council’s wider policies.

Once the initial consultation is completed, proposals for any new controlled parking zones will be finalised, taking into account feedback received during the consultation, and presented to Mayor and Cabinet for decision.

If a decision is taken to proceed with the introduction of a new controlled parking zone, a statutory consultation will be carried out for the making of Traffic Management Orders – this is the formal process used to make changes to parking arrangements. The statutory consultation period will provide residents and businesses with a further opportunity to provide comments or register objections to the proposals. These will be considered and responded to in a delegated authority report by officers and a decision will be issued about whether to proceed with the making of Traffic Management Orders for the controlled parking zone.

More information about the process for consulting on new controlled parking zones is set out in our Parking Policy.

Sustainable Streets programme

We are currently in the process of consulting residents and business on our Sustainable Streets programme in certain parts of the borough, which proposes the introduction of new parking permit schemes (controlled parking zones) alongside sustainable transport measures and improvements to streets such as cycle hangars, electric vehicle charging points, street trees, car club bays and safer crossings and junctions.

As part of the programme, we are also reviewing the operation of existing CPZs in the borough and carrying out consultation with residents and businesses to inform these reviews. This review process will include identifying where new sustainable transport measures and improvements to streets can be made.

Find out more information about our Sustainable Streets programme.


Planning and design of CPZs

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