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Resident parking permits

Residents living within one of the borough's controlled parking zones (CPZ) can buy a resident parking permit which you can purchase or renew online.
Parking phone lines down

Due to a nationwide outage, our parking telephone lines are currently down.

Please contact us via email on lewishamparkingpermits@nslservices.co.uk or lewishamparkingappeals@nslservices.co.uk.

Verification checks will be carried out on the information provided. All parking permits are now 'paperless'. Your details will be registered electronically, and parking attendants will use an electronic reader to confirm which vehicles are registered in the different car parking zones. The permit entitles you to park in any residents' bay in your controlled parking zone. Vehicles need to be registered at the address within the CPZ.

Cost of a resident permit

As detailed in the new parking policy, the price of resident permits vary depending on your vehicle.

We’ve introduced new banded charges for residents based on a vehicle’s CO2 emissions (according to HMRC vehicle bands).

  • Permits for the least polluting vehicles will be cheaper than now, while the most polluting vehicles will pay more.
  • There’ll be a £70 surcharge for diesel vehicles as they produce air polluting nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM).
  • Find out which band your vehicle is in and the cost of your permit with our Permit calculator tool.

Residents with more than one vehicle

You can put up to two vehicles on your permit, at no extra charge.

Only one vehicle will be covered by the parking permit at any one time and this must be activated via your online permit account. Failure to do so may result in your vehicle receiving a penalty charge notice (PCN).

Your permit prices will based on the vehicle with the highest emissions. For example, a permit for a vehicle in band 3 and a vehicle in band 8 will be priced at band 8.   

If you wish to register a new vehicle

You’ll be able to access your permit details online, and make changes to your vehicle details as required. Permits approved before 1 April 2020 are done so on the basis of the current parking policy and are based on the details submitted at the time of application. This includes vehicle registration and address.

If you have purchased or renewed a permit after 1 April 2020, you can make these changes via your online permit account free of charge.

Disabled residents

Blue Badge holders who live within a CPZ, and who drive a vehicle registered to their home address, may apply for a residents permit free of charge. Disabled residents parking permits are free, valid for 12 months and allows the residents with a disability to park in residents, dual and triple use bays within the CPZ they live in. 

You can apply for a disabled resident parking permit here or find out more about the Blue Badge here.

Residents of new developments

Permits may not be available for residents of new developments in line with the Council's Core Strategy Policy 14.

Restrictions on controlled parking zone permits apply to some new developments. Please check your title deeds or with your landlord for any restrictions on parking, before submitting a permit application.

If you have just moved into a CPZ

Apply online for a resident permit.

Visitors permits

From 1 April 2020, each household which has at least one annual resident parking permit (including disabled residents) will be automatically provided with 10 hours of free visitor parking credit, accessible online. Residents in CPZs who are over 60, get council support and do not have another annual parking permit will also receive 10 hours of free visitors parking credit, accessible online.

Find out more about visitors permits and how to purchase these here.

Permits for company cars

If you have a company car and live within a controlled parking zone you are entitled to apply for a residents' parking permit for the company vehicle. Please use the application options above.

Please note that our prices have changed as of 3rd April 2023, in line with the Air Quality Act and Climate Emergency Action Plan.


Parking permits for CPZs

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