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Council tax for residents in hospital or a care home

Find out about council tax reductions for residents in hospital or care homes.

If you have moved permanently into hospital or a residential care home, you may be entitled to a discount or exemption on the property you have left.

People who qualify for an exemption

If you lived alone and have left your property empty because you are now permanently resident in a hospital or residential care home, you will be exempt from paying council tax on the property you have left. This exemption will last until your tenancy ends or your property is sold.

People who qualify for a discount

If you lived with one other person, who is now left alone in your property, a 25% discount is awarded on the address you have left. If two or more people are left in your property, no discount can be awarded.

How to tell if you qualify as a homes or hospital resident

You must have your sole and main residence in one of the following: 

  • A hospital as defined under the NHS Act 1977

  • A similar military establishment

  • A residential care home or mental nursing home as defined in the Registered Homes Act 1984.