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Disability reduction scheme

If there's an extra room or adapted space in the property, needed by a disabled occupant, you might be eligible for a discount.
Haven't had your council tax bill?

If you've got a MyLewisham account and have registered to view your council tax account online, you won't get a paper copy of your annual bill – it'll be available to view online instead.

If you don't have MyLewisham account, you'll get a paper copy in the post as normal.

Who's eligible 

If your property's been adapted or has special facilities because someone who lives there is physically disabled, you may qualify for a lower tax band.

Your property must have been modified to provide one of these:

  • an extra bathroom or kitchen for the disabled person to use
  • enough room for a wheelchair to be used inside at all times
  • a room that's mainly used to meet the needs of the disabled person

How much reduction you get

The reduction will depend on your property band valuation, for example, if your property is in band D, you will only have to pay the charge for band C. The band reduction will only remain in place for as long as the disabled person occupies the property as their main residence.

If you are awarded disabled relief, you may still be eligible for a low income council tax reduction as well.

How do I apply?

Apply using the button below. You'll need to have your council tax account number and your GP or health worker's details ready.

We'll need to visit your property to make sure you have the necessary adaptations to qualify for a reduction. After you submit your application, we'll contact you to arrange a good time to visit.