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Carers' discount

If you qualify as a carer you may be entitled to a discount.
Haven't had your council tax bill?

If you've got a MyLewisham account and have registered to view your council tax account online, you won't get a paper copy of your annual bill – it'll be available to view online instead.

If you don't have MyLewisham account, you'll get a paper copy in the post as normal.

Who is eligible

Under normal circumstances carers are required to pay council tax. However, if you qualify as a carer, we can reduce your bill by 25% or 50% depending on how many people aged 18 or over live in your property - and whether those people are counted for council tax purposes.

You can be excluded from paying council tax if you're a carer and all the following are true:

  • you live permanently with the person you care for
  • the person you care for is not your spouse or your child (under the age of 18 - if your child is over the age of 18 you might qualify)
  • you provide care for at least 35 hours per week
  • the person you care for is receiving one of these:
    • higher or lower rate attendance allowance
    • the highest or middle rate of the care component of disability living allowance
    • an increase in a constant attendance allowance
    • the daily living component of personal independence payment (either rate)

You will need to supply proof of any qualifying benefit.

How much reduction you get

    • if everyone in a property is disregarded, a 50% discount is awarded
    • if one person in a property is liable to pay but everyone else is disregarded, a 25% discount is awarded
    • if two or more people are not disregarded, no discount is awarded

    If you have a job outside the home as well as providing care, you are still eligible for a council tax discount as long as you provide care for at least 35 hours per week on top of your other employment.

    If you provide care for someone who is severely mentally impaired, read our section on council tax for people with severe mental impairments.

    If your main home is unoccupied because you've gone to look after someone else you may be entitled to claim an exemption from paying council tax at your usual address.

    The exemption will last for as long as you are away.

    • if all but one resident is not counted, we’ll reduce your council tax bill by 25%
    • if all residents in the property aren’t counted, we’ll reduce your council tax bill by 50%

    How do I apply?

    If you are a carer, you need to give us evidence of the benefits that the person you care for gets.

    If you are a care worker, you need to give us a letter from your employer confirming your income and hours, or a letter from the DWP confirming that you get Carer's Allowance.