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Council tax for apprentices and youth trainees

Find out about council tax reductions for apprentices and youth trainees.

If you are a young person on an apprenticeship or a youth training scheme you may be entitled to a discount

People who qualify for a discount

If you live alone a 50% discount is awarded to your address and if you live with one other person, a 25% discount is awarded. If two or more people others are living with you, no discount can be awarded.

How to tell if you qualify as an apprentice

An apprentice is defined as someone who is:

  • employed to learn a trade, business, profession, in office or vocational work.

  • undertaking a programme of training leading to a qualification.

  • earning a salary, which is less than if qualified and less than £195.00 per week.

How to tell if you qualify as a youth trainee

A youth trainee is defined as someone who is:

  • under 25 years of age, and

  • training under an individual training plan issued on a scheme run under Section 2 of the Employment Training Act 1973 or Section 2 of the Enterprise and New Town (Scotland) Act 1991.

Youth Credit, Options, Future and Next Step trainees also qualify if they meet the above definition.