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Council spending over £250 in 2016–17

Information about council spending for the year 2016–17.

Information about council spending for the year 2016–17.

The documents below include:

  • all individual items we purchase

  • payments we make to contractors carrying out work on our behalf

  • other spend we incur in carrying out our business.

They exclude:

  • salaries

  • housing benefit payments

  • sensitive social services information which could put vulnerable individuals at risk

  • personal information, such as the names of individuals receiving payments

  • the names of sole traders

  • confidential information, such as council tax or business rate refunds.

We will regularly review the way we classify information to ensure that the process is as accurate as possible.

Payments to suppliers

To help analysis of this expenditure, the data has been provided in the following levels of detail:

  • Suppliers – these are listed alphabetically. For data protection reasons, where payments have been made to individuals, the names have been replaced with the word 'Redacted'.

  • £ Spend – shows the spend made to each supplier for the period. Where there are multiple lines for a supplier this relates to payments by different services within the Council, and therefore some of these lines will include amounts below £250. All amounts displayed are exclusive of VAT.

  • Service – shows the individual service groups that the payments were charged to.

  • Description – provides details of the type of service that the payment relates to.

Glossary of terms

  • EMP – employees

  • SUPL – supplies and services

  • PREM – premises

  • TRAN – transfer payments

  • THPP – third party payments.

You can also view the annual statement of accounts and salaries of executive directors.

Contracts over £50,000 are listed on the London Contracts Register.