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Improving the school gate area at school drop off and pick up time (school streets)

The School Street programme is a scheme to reduce traffic volume outside schools, to favour pedestrians and cyclists at school start and finish times.

The aim of the scheme is to:

  • tackle congestion
  • improve air quality at the school gates
  • make it easier and safer to walk and cycle to school
  • create a friendlier and calmer environment for everyone.

How the School Streets scheme works

  1. The street directly outside a school will have measures introduced to significantly reduce the volume of traffic when children are arriving in the morning and leaving in the afternoon.
  2. The street will favour pedestrian and cycle zone at these set times.
  3. Motorised vehicles will not be allowed to enter the street between these times unless they have been granted an exemption. Exemptions will be kept to an absolute minimum to improve road safety for everyone in the vicinity of the school gates.
  4. We will work closely with schools to determine where the School Street starts and ends (the entire street may not necessarily need to be closed).
  5. Residents and businesses will be kept informed by letter and given the opportunity to make comments and give feedback on the scheme. 

Find out more about the School Streets programme. 

Enforced School Streets

The following schools will have enforced School Streets around them from Monday 19 April 2021. Find out about School Street exemptions and apply for one.

  • Adamsrill
  • All Saints
  • Ashmead
  • Athelney
  • Brindishe Green
  • Coopers Lane
  • Conisborough College
  • Deptford Green
  • Eliot Bank
  • Gordonbrock
  • Haseltine
  • Holbeach
  • Holy Cross
  • John Ball
  • Kelvin Grove
  • Kilmorie
  • Lucas Vale
  • Myatt Garden
  • Prendergast Ladywell
  • Rathfern
  • Rushey Green
  • Sandhurst
  • St John the Baptist
  • St William of York
  • Tidemill
  • Torridon