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What we pay our senior managers

See the pay bands that we use for our senior officers.

We list the annual salaries of all staff that earn over £50,000. Salary information is shown in £5,000 bands.

Band 1

£150,384 – £153,297 - £156,207

  • Executive Director for Corporate Services

  • Executive Director for Children and Young People

  • Executive Director for Housing, Regeneration and Public Realm

  • Executive Director for Community Services

Band 2

£113,652 – £116,343 - £119,031

  • Director of Law, Governance and HR
  • Director of Children’s Social Care
  • Director of Integrated Care and Commissioning
  • Director of Public Realm
  • Assistant Chief Executive
  • Director of Regeneration

Band 3

£101,589 - £104,331 - £107,076

  • Director of Adult Social Care
  • Director of Housing Services
  • Director of Joint Commissioning and Early Help
  • Director of Public Services
  • Director of Planning
  • Director of Education Services
  • Director of Cultural and Community Development
  • Director of Strategy, Partnerships and Improvement
  • Director of Corporate Services
  • Director of Financial Services
  • Director of IT & Digital Services
  • Director of Public Health

  • Director of Systems Transformation

  • Director of Communities, Partnership and Leisure

Band 4

£83,715 - £86,457 - £89,202

  • Head of Integrated Services for Special Education Needs and Disabilities
  • Head of Strategic Development
  • Head of Communications
  • Head of HR

Additional notes

  • A number of positions are employed on a part time basis and the actual salary will be less than the figures quoted in the salary band.

  • We may also make payment to officers who undertake specific additional duties, such as those relating to emergencies, elections or statutory duties. These payments currently range from £2,000 to £7,290 a year.

  • No employees receive bonuses or benefits.

Disclosure of salary information for senior interims

In addition to our senior staff, we engage interims or consultants where specific needs arise. The charge rates for senior interims costing over £100,000 in 2020/21 and those currently covering senior management roles is provided below. NB: A number of these individuals have now left the organisation.

Daily Charge Rate Band

£301 - £400 (inc. pay and on-costs)

CRM Manager (Corporate Resources)   

Estate Manager (Housing, Regeneration & Public Realm)

Business Objects Reports consultant (Children & Young People)

£401 – £500 (inc. pay and on-costs)

Project Manager IT (Corporate Resources)   

HR Operations Manager (Chief Executive Directorate)

Performance Data & Operational Management (Children & young people)

Registered Manager (Children & Young People)

Complaints Service Manager (Corporate Resources)

Head of Payroll & Pensions (Corporate Resources)

Workforce Manager (Children & Young People)

IT procurement Specialist (Corporate Resources)

Head of Strategic Housing  (Housing, Regeneration and Public Realm)

Lewisham Safeguarding Partnership Strategic Lead (Children & Young People)

School Improvement advisor (Children & Young People)

£501 – £600 (inc. pay and on-costs)

Strategic lead for sufficiency strategy and Housing joint working (Children & Young People)

Educational Psychologists (Children & Young People)

Children’s social care consultant (Children & Young People) 

Project Manager (Housing, Regeneration & Public Realm)

Service Manager (Community Services)  

Group Finance Manager (Corporate Resources)

Accountant (Corporate Resources)

£601 – £700 (inc. pay and on-costs)

Oracle programme Manager (Corporate Resources)

Principal Development & Land Management (Housing, Regeneration & Public Realm) 

Waste Management consultant (Housing, Regeneration & Public Realm)

Enterprise Architect Technology (Corporate Resources)

Senior Education Advisor (Children & Young People)

Regeneration Consultant - Part time (Housing, Regeneration & Public Realm)  

£701 – £800 (inc. pay and on-costs)

Programme Lead – skills & employment (Housing, Regeneration & Public Realm)

Finance Consultant (Corporate Resources)

Programme Lead – Economy & jobs (Housing, Regeneration & Public Realm)

£801 – £900 (inc. pay and on-costs)

Public Health Consultant (Community Services)

£1001 – £1100 (inc. pay and on-costs)

Director of Regeneration (Housing, Regeneration & Public Realm) 

Bonuses and benefits

Details of bonuses and benefits in kind for all employees whose salaries exceed £50,000.

No employees receive bonuses or benefits.