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Fibre Optic

Lewisham Council is seeking to improve fibre broadband provision to social housing in the borough and is looking to work with organisations that can support this.

With the rise of home working, smart devices in the home and high resolution gaming, there is an ever growing demand from Lewisham residents for faster and more reliable broadband. These changing needs, coupled with Lewisham Council’s commitment towards tackling digital exclusion, have resulted in concerted efforts to ensure residents in the borough are getting the internet provision they need.

In line with changes to government policy, Lewisham Council are removing barriers that have historically inhibited broadband providers from delivering the fibre network to residential areas in the borough. The Council, in partnership with broadband providers, are scaling up efforts to deliver fibre broadband across multiple residential buildings and business areas. Delivering fibre will enable faster and more reliable broadband for residents, whilst also giving them greater choice of potential packages they can purchase.

In addition to meeting the technical, financial and regulatory requirements set out, providers wanting to work with Lewisham Council to deliver fibre broadband into Council owned buildings must identify the additional social value they will bring to the area (e.g. apprenticeships, free connections for public spaces, digital skills training).

Broadband providers wishing to work with Lewisham Council can find out more by downloading our Fibre Broadband Toolkit and submitting to digital.infrastructure@Lewisham.gov.uk (contact for agreement details)