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Vote for the next Young Mayor of Lewisham

Find out how to vote for the Lewisham's next young mayor.

The young mayor is elected by young people and represents young people’s views and makes sure they are listened to by decision-makers. The young mayor is supported by young advisers and has their own budget so they can use to turn their ideas into reality and make the borough an even better place to live, study and grow up.

Voting for the Young Mayor

Anyone aged between 11–17 years who lives, works or studies in Lewisham can vote in the young mayor election. Everyone in a secondary school or sixth form college is allowed to vote in a polling station at their school or college on polling day and is given a ballot paper and asked to cast their vote for first and second choices for young mayor.

If you live in Lewisham but go to school outside the borough you can apply for a postal vote.


The results of the election are announced the day after the election - in a special event held in Catford’s Civic Suite. The results are also made available in schools. The winning candidate becomes the new Young Mayor and the second-placed candidate becomes the Deputy Young Mayor. Third and fourth place have the opportunity to represent Lewisham as members of the UK Youth Parliament and the London Youth Assembly.

Meet the candidates

Here are the statements of the 37 candidates who stood to be Lewisham’s Young Mayor. If you’d prefer to read a printed copy, don’t worry - a pack containing all these statements will be published, printed and made available in schools and colleges.

Alimat Alowole

young mayor candidate Alimat Alowole

My name is Alimat Alowole and I am running to be Young Mayor of Lewisham.

I am a student at Brent Knoll School and I have primordial dwarfism. Here are the changes I would like to see to support people with special educational needs and disabilities:

  • more accessible counter-tops in shops,
  • more lifts in public places and greater accessibility on public transport,
  • more free social clubs for young people to access in the cost of living crisis, and – finally –
  • a more visible police presence helping to make young women feel safer.

That is why you need to vote for me! Thanks for reading.

Bilvilyn Asamoah 

Young mayor candidate Bivilyn Asamoah

I am running to be Young Mayor of Lewisham because I want to be the voice of young people who feel unheard. This is as I once was that girl; I never felt heard. I want to be a prime example of the fact that, no matter who you are, you deserve a voice. I believe that I can use my role to voice concerns that matter to young people. I also want to help create pathways to employment for young people.

I want to work on developing programmes that provide young people with support, because a lack of all these could lead to anti-social behaviour. I can feedback to the young people of Lewisham by potentially organising in-school events. Here, young people can hear changes, and suggest them.

Finally, I believe that I am the best person for this job because of my genuine understanding of the challenges of the youth. My personal experiences give me a unique perspective. I am also determined and ambitious.

 Eliana Badmus

Young Mayor candidate Eliana Badmus
As Young Mayor I’d want to encourage more support to post-16s.There’s a misconception that after year 11, we must go to sixth form, spend 3-5 years doing a degree, get a 9 to 5 and spend the rest of our lives paying back the student debt. In reality, education isn’t for everyone. I would like to offer more advice by experienced mentors and extend work experience to all.

Another issue that I’ll tackle is the effect of knife crime on our generation. To prevent knife crime increasing, I’ll campaign for evidence-based programs to educate the youth on safety and the dangers of carrying a knife.

Also, I’d like to bring community to Lewisham. Following lockdown, we remain in isolation, hardly socialising anymore. To stop this, I’d like to invest in more extra-curricular activities, just like Lewisham youth theatre, so we can find other people with similar interests to build communication in our borough. These things I’m really passionate about.

We as teenagers are the future, and as Young Mayor, I’ll strive to change our Lewisham for the better.

Moses Barker

Young Mayor candidate Moses Barker
I am standing to make Lewisham more sustainable and to give young people the opportunity to make an impact. These goals can be achieved together. If elected I will set some of the budget to giving schools trees and plants for students to nurture and grow. This allows new roles and leaders to be introduced in schools, and young people to make a difference combating pollution, allowing them to monitor their own progress and create a lasting impact.

I also want to motivate young people to get ahead of the competition by providing essential skills giving them an extra stepping stone in the future. From personal experience I know how easy it is to always watch videos or play videogames and waste time. If elected I will make competitions to motivate young people to spend less time on social media and gain experience in something that gives them a head start for the future such as acting, drawing and writing competitions. I will feedback through these competitions.

Vote for me because I am not here just to help you when I am on the throne, but to provide you with lasting knowledge.

Rafael Canavero

Young Mayor candidate Rafael Canavero
Hello my name is Rafael Canavero and I am running for Young Mayor of Lewisham. You should vote for me because I have a comprehensive plan to change Lewisham for the better. First, focusing on Hilly Fields and other parks, I plan to repair existing cages such as Hilly Fields rundown basketball court and build football cages in the main four parks in Lewisham. As well as that I plan to organise monthly 7-a-side football competition where the reward is donuts and pizza, and you can come with your friends or just on your own and you can choose your team.

I also plan to organise monthly open mic events for all music lovers and to encourage people to come to Lewisham to participate and watch every month. There will be a new venue every month from the shopping centre to local parks.

Finally, I plan to transform Lewisham into a place everyone wants to go by encouraging more small businesses and stores to move into Lewisham. From now on I want everyone in the south-east London, when unsure what to do on the weekend, to go straight to Lewisham. My final plan is to expand food banks for the less fortunate and encourage schools across south London to make more donations, Thank you!

Henry Chinwendu

Young Mayor candidate Henry Chinwendu
If I am elected as Young Mayor of Lewisham I will aim tirelessly to fulfil as many achievements beneficial to the community as in my power. However key aspects I would love to focus on will be extracurricular sporting activities. These would be activities that will be inclusive to every young person in Lewisham. This may be implemented by setting up several new branches across the borough to enable better accessibility.

Another aspect I would work on will be community centres for recreational and educational gatherings. The aim of this will be to reinforce that feeling of belonging among people. These centres may be used to host tournaments between groups as well as sessions for people to be able to showcase their creativity, for example through singing, art, dance etc.

And finally, I would aim to mitigate litter in Lewisham. I wish to achieve this through a large scale awareness campaign which will hopefully deter more people over time from polluting the city. Therefore, in conclusion, I will dedicate my time and energy to ensure Lewisham is a place where everyone is included and a place worth living in.

Laila Chui

Young Mayor candidate Laila Chui
I would like to be the next Young Mayor of Lewisham because I feel that I could empower people and give them a voice. I have previously lived abroad, and have had the chance to meet lots of people from different countries, which I think could give Lewisham a unique perspective. If given the opportunity, I would firstly advocate for neurodiversity and physical disability initiatives and awareness. I have a disabled little brother who faces difficulties every day, so I would like to try and support children and families in similar situations.

Another initiative would be to incorporate more youth activities and areas. This could include creating safe spaces for young people to visit after school, to socialise, and receive support for those experiencing mental health issues. I would also like to develop more mentoring and work-experience programs in schools.

Finally, I would campaign for this borough to have more eco-friendly values. This would include holding competitions in Lewisham schools, and local events, to fundraise for the fight against climate change and to lower our carbon footprints. To keep people posted, I could send fortnightly emails to the schools in Lewisham or create a webpage.

 Omari Chung

Young Mayor candidate Omari Chung
Hello, my name is Omari and I am running to be your next Young Mayor. These are three things I will strive to do if elected.

I want to bring a vibe and culture to Lewisham, but to do this, I want to account for the mental wellbeing of the people, and ensure people don't suffer in silence, as suicide is the biggest killer of young people.

I also wish to make places disability friendly and campaign for an inclusive Lewisham. With your votes and support, we can work towards a better Lewisham.

I lastly wish to put the anxieties of the cost of living to rest and provide a way to speak out about finance. I will campaign for inclusivity and justice in Lewisham.

You know you have won when you vote for Mr Chung - me, your next Young Mayor.

Deborah Collier 

Young Mayor candidate Deborah Collier
Statistics show that knife crime is on the increase, and that our young people are being forced into social and gang related groups involuntarily. 
I have decided to introduce music and dance groups at an early stage and connect them with influential celebrities as role models to give them the sense of belonging. There should be a place where people can showcase their gifts. I aspire to build strong, courageous characters in people.

I also want to give young people an outlook on the world with responsibilities and social interactions. To do this I want us to create a youth centre where youths can come for advice and/or receive tasks, testing their reliability and technique.

I am the best for this job as I am patient. This is good as many struggle with stage fright, and I can relate to them. I additionally want to answer lots of questions about my choices to give clarity. I am also hardworking meaning that I will tirelessly work to achieve my goals.

Supriya Devkota 

Young Mayor candidate Supriya Devkota
I feel strongly about helping young people and I believe it is important for them to have their voices heard. I would like to create a platform for young people to share updates as I believe they should know about progress and supporting them in their future and wellbeing.

I am especially interested in addressing school and mental health issues, as I struggle with my mental health and have personally experienced how it affects your schoolwork. I also plan to create an anonymous email message or letter service to support young people. I aim to tackle stress from school due to tests and overload by creating campaigns to improve studying, including study tips and support.

I also plan to address homelessness by creating essential packs as I took part in a similar project in primary school. We can’t solve it but we can make it a little easier and teach people to give the kindness they expect. I believe I should be chosen to help young people become the best they can be, as we are the future. 

Comfort Ennin 

Young Mayor candidate Comfort Ennin
I am sure we can agree that Lewisham is a great place, but I firmly believe that we can make it even better. Currently, there is a lack of educational and social opportunities. By voting for me as your Young Mayor, I will provide chances for you to meet new people.  This could be at social events at your local park or in new business opportunities and work experience.

Furthermore, we all have the right to feel safe and protected on the streets of Lewisham. I will implement self-defence workshops and expert-led street awareness seminars, on topics including drugs and knife crime.

Moreover, we need to focus on any demanding educational needs. I can help do this by creating conducive study spaces, especially during exam season, in disused shops or sessions in the library.

I can also help do this by ensuring that there is unconscious bias training for teachers as I firmly believe that people should have the right to display their natural hair in any form, without having to experience hair discrimination.

You will benefit from me being your Young Mayor, as I am determined and passionate about the rights of young people. I will advocate for you.

Kirabo Frewin 

Young Mayor candidate Kirabo Frewin
Hello Lewisham! How are we all doing? As your next Young Mayor, not only am I going to celebrate the best bits of the youth of this borough, I am going to use this as a platform to push people forward in their lives and create a positive, sustainable positive legacy for all of us.

We hear about it all the time: all the negativity, all the problems there might be, it’s all we are told! This needs to change. All the positive aspects of us young people need to be showcased and celebrated - I mean come on man! I for one am tired of the bad judgement that comes to mind when I say I’m from Lewisham. How is this going to change?

Well, I’m glad you asked. As well as business mentoring/support for those who want to leave their path, I will also set up an event. An event that will run every year after my time as Young Mayor, an event that will celebrate all the talent to be shown where professional from industries can come and scout our talent.

Those with ambition, with dreams to be accomplished, vote for me. I am your route to success, the success we all deserve.

Paul Frimpong

Young Mayor candidate Paul Frimpong

There are three main things that I want to do to develop Lewisham and to support people who live or go to school in Lewisham.

  1. Youth Events such as sports events and social events.
  2. Workshops and safe spaces to support those who are bullied, and to deal with racism, sexism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, and to educate others.
  3. Creative subjects to help and support those who want to be artists in the future, entertain others, and to inspire others.
Kemal Gazi 

Young Mayor candidate Kemal Gazi
What I won’t do:

I can’t promise to end knife crime. I won’t make radical changes to law. I won’t end sexism, If I said I could I’d be lying, most importantly I won’t make promises I can’t keep.

What I will do:

Lewisham streets are full of litter, I’d introduce initiatives such as whoever can pick up the most litter would receive prizes such as a gaming pc, headphones, gaming keyboards or books (if tech doesn’t interest you).

Weekends and school holidays can be boring and uneventful. To change this, I would create youth activities in different parks including airsoft, laser tag or even paintball.

Often, teamwork skills among the youth are not developed. I would introduce competitions where different teams could compete in different sports such as relay races, softball or dodgeball.

Why me? I do many extra-curricular activities which are of interest to teens which helps prepare me for this role, not all candidates can say that.

Zorayah Harrison 

Young Mayor candidate Zorayah Harrison
I am running for Young Mayor because the wellbeing of young people is not talked about enough and we are the next generation of adults.

Young people feel embarrassed to talk about their feelings and also what they are going through. I will help young people by making sure they feel comfortable talking about how they are feeling.

To feedback to the people I would try and get notebooks and pen so they can express their feelings and I will also set up an email so people can send problem or questions for me to respond to. Also, I’ll add some thoughts and feeling boxes in youth clubs and schools.

I am the best person for the job because I am committed and persistent and I am always here to be supportive and give helpful advice. I also want wellbeing to be talked about more. I want to expand my role from my school to Lewisham as a whole.

Edie Henty 

Young Mayor candidate Edie Henty
I’m running for Young Mayor because I believe the opportunity is incredibly valuable to our community. If I win I would dedicate time and effort to listening to the youth in our borough.

The first of my main points is to continue and grow the Bank Of Things project. It is so important for people to have access to necessary resources they may not have otherwise.

My second point is to explore various post-16 options. Schools only really talk about A Levels but not IB, B Tech, and more.

Lastly, I am passionate about challenging the homophobia in our schools. Teenage years are difficult enough without peers constantly ridiculing and refusing to understand the experiences of the entire queer community. I know this first-hand and would not wish it on anyone else.

Dasirae Idehen 

Young Mayor candidate Dasirae Idehen
A someone who has grown up in Lewisham I have noticed that Lewisham has a very bad social reputation, especially when it comes down to teenagers who live/go to school in Lewisham. I think this could be improved by more workshops inside and outside school to do with theft and violence, to help develop our reputation.

Also as a small business owner Lewisham could have a “Young Business Centre” to help promote young people and for young people to support each other’s young businesses.

I’d also like a sports centre with roller/ice-skating and other diverse sports.

Jermaine Johnson

Young mayor candidate Jermaine Johnson
My name is Jermaine Johnson I come from Haberdashers’ Knights Academy and I think that I'm the best candidate for Young Mayor of Lewisham.

I decided to run to be Young Mayor because throughout my time in Lewisham I've heard criticisms about things related to the borough and how things operate around here, and as Young Mayor I want to raise awareness about those criticisms and make sure they are solved.

I shall make sure you all get the right amount of help from external support so that we can maximise our learning capabilities. I will also make extracurricular activities more available to people unable to go to them. I will also try to have external youth trips, in case your school doesn't have trips very often.

So vote Jermaine Johnson for a brighter future.

Jessica Johnson

Young mayor candidate Jessica Johnson
My name is Jessica Johnson, and I think I should be elected as your Young Mayor because there's lots I can do to make Lewisham better.

With suggestions from the people around me, I want to improve the education system by incorporating more school trips into the curriculum. I also want to lessen the stress and pressure on students by decreasing the ridiculous amount of homework given. I would like more events and opportunities put in place to help charities and people in need.

I’d also like the young people to have more things to do around Lewisham so it won't be boring all the time. I want to make Lewisham into a place where equality is implemented more, where mental health matters, and where all young people have a voice because nobody is better than anyone else.

So vote Jessica for a better and equal Lewisham.

Dominic Jordan

Young mayor candidate Dominic Jordan
Greetings young people of Lewisham. My name is Dominic Jordan and I’m running for Young Mayor.

As a person who has lived in Lewisham for a long time I have a great knowledge of Lewisham which can be beneficial and put a lot on the table. One of the changes I believe can be made is more competitions around Lewisham such as gaming, cooking, skating, football, which can give people more confidence to showcase their skills and potentially give them an opportunity to go professional.

Another change to Lewisham that can be made is business career advice for the young people as Ioads of people are stuck on what they want to do in the future, and people with experience can give them an idea on what they want to do in the future.

I’m Dominic Jordan I want to make Lewisham a better place.

Elise Koke

Young mayor candidate Elise Koke
As a candidate for Young Mayor of Lewisham, my mission is to create a Lewisham that represents the aspirations and needs of our teenage community, regardless of protected characteristics. If elected, I would invest in community centres, sports facilities and arts programs to help support the youth of this talented borough.

Mental wellbeing matters. I will work to reduce the stigma around mental health and increase access to counselling and support services, making sure that no teenager in Lewisham feels alone in their struggle. Young people’s voices matter. I would establish platforms for youth engagement, ensuring that everyone actively participates in decision making processes.

The world of AI is an ever-growing field of technology. I would like to use this to my advantage and help lead sessions for young people hoping to be involved in the world of technology. I am committed to improving the safety of young people in Lewisham therefore I would like to introduce a new system of community policing, bridging the gap between young people and the police.

Let’s make a Lewisham where everyone thrives- Your Voice, Our dreams, Our Lewisham.

Eugina Logina

Young mayor candidate Eugina Logina
Hello, I am Eugina. I arrived in UK only a year and a half ago.

From my experience I would like to improve Lewisham’s safety. I don’t like to give promises, which I can’t keep, so I would try to improve few details in Lewisham. One of those is safety on streets. Many students have extra curricular clubs and from autumn to spring, after clubs, it’s already dark and there are not many lights on streets.

Another thing I want to improve is how clean Lewisham is. I would try to organise volunteering clubs to clean parks, streets and playgrounds.

Another priority is about schools in Lewisham. I will try to make competitions between different schools. It can be music, art, maths, English and other competitions. Those were the biggest things that I would like to improve. Of course there could be more improvements. For example I can organise more clubs for interests, languages, religions and cultures.

My main goal is to support students and help them in and out of school. Thank you!

Aimee Maguire

Young mayor candidate Aimee Maguire
Hi I'm Aimee.

My three ideas are having a safe space for young people to play sports like basketball, football, biking. Also having a space for young people to paint anything they choose over 12 weeks. At the end there would be an exhibition including all art made that anyone could come and see, and if they like it they could buy it.

My final idea is every young person would have a safety alarm. If I was Young Mayor every young person would have their voice heard.

If you like my idea you know what to do.

Gabriella Moore 

Young mayor candidate Gabriella Moore
My name is Gabriella Moore I attend Brent Knoll School because I am autistic and as an ADHD and ASD person I feel like Lewisham needs a reliable person because these things are important to me. 

Lewisham does not have social housing for refugees and vulnerable children are not protected from harm and food hubs are not around in schools. We need hubs in school.

I believe that young people need a voice to represent them amongst the influential people in society and I am prepared to be the voice of reason and change that my fellow peers need. As an ADHD and autistic person I go through lots of discrimination, and lots of young people are discriminated against because of their needs.

Thanks for listening.  

Selda Muslu

Young mayor candidate Selda Muslu
Here in Lewisham many young people’s mental health is declining.  As well as that many young people are finding it hard to find a job for themselves, or to afford expensive trips or school materials.

In our curriculum, there aren’t many inspirational characters of different colours that we are taught about. I want to change this. I want to help the young people who don’t feel ok, I want to help young people who are struggling to find jobs, and finally I want to inspire young people by introducing more historical figures of different backgrounds and cultures.

If you want change take the first step and vote for me.

Miya Nangha

Young mayor candidate Miya Nangha
What’s good Lewisham, it’s Miya.

Our community always come first. I have noticed a decline in the available activities that are offered for us outside school. Like good quality basketball courts, football cages and so on. Community projects such as cages can bring divided communities together. 

I have noticed a hefty decline in school trips even though they don’t have to be expensive and they can be educational and fit in with the school curriculum. From my experience I have noticed that school trips give students an opportunity to work harder especially when they feel they are working towards something they want.

One of the many things we aren’t taught in school is how to maintain a life in our society after school so I want to ensure there are places we can go for advice on how to run a business or get a job.

These are some of the many things I would do if I were to be elected to be your Young Mayor. I want to ensure that Lewisham’s values of ambition, inclusivity and diversity remain the focus.

Raenella Ofori

Young mayor candidate Raenella Ofori
Hello, I'm Raenella, and it’s my aspiration to become the Young Mayor of Lewisham.

My vision is to uplift our community through two key improvements. First and foremost, I am passionate about raising awareness of mental health among our youth. Many children face inequality and injustice suffering silently. With your vote, we can unite and openly address this issue that is often overlooked.

My second goal is to combat the rising crime rate amongst the youth especially knife crime. I envision conducting diverse workshops in both primary and secondary schools, highlighting the consequences of getting involved in crime.

Additionally, I propose creating a safe and inviting space exclusively for kids under 16. This place won't be your typical youth club it would include a music studio, sports area, and more indoors and outdoors, providing a fancy yet secure environment away from the streets. 

It's a vote for a better tomorrow for all. Together, let us make a difference.

Aayush Pathak

Candidate for young mayor Aayush Pathak

One aspect on which I wish to work upon is littering. I believe young individuals like YOU deserve to work and commute in a clean and safe environment. The clean borough could attract people to come to it, and also it can help with climate change which we all know is a big problem which we don’t really do much about. One way I wish to implement this in Lewisham is by putting attractive goalposts or basketball hoops in bins so it can attract young people to recycle their litter in a fun way.

Another aspect on which I wish to work on is the implementation of a sort of graffiti wall. As we ALL know as you walk around Lewisham you can see prominently used graffiti for vandalism and instead of trying to eliminate it and punish people for expressing their ideas, I wish to implement a graffiti wall. This is a place where people can express their ideas through art without it affecting the look of our community.

One more thing which I wish to implement is a place for people to develop their soft skills so that they can become more employable and have a higher chance of landing a job. I believe that grades are important but soft skills can help you become employable. 

Sassy Rose

Candidate for young mayor Sassy Rose
I have lived in Lewisham my entire life and I know the borough well and what young people need to live a good life. I have three main points that will benefit young people’s mental health and their experience in Lewisham.

I believe that all young people should have someone appealing and trustworthy who they can speak to about any concerns they may have. Not being able to go out after school in the winter, as it is dark, can reduce the amount of exercise people do, affecting mental health which can increases crime. I believe more street lighting should be included in unsafe areas, particularly in parks. This could include lighting for designated exercise areas.

I think schools should educate children about safety via community self-defence classes. Young people need to be aware of the dangers of going out late or alone and the potential risks that can come with doing this.

Finally, the environment is a very big concern. Putting more recycling bins in schools and in parks can help this problem. It can also improve our generation’s future as carbon emissions will be reduced.

I believe I will make a good Young Mayor as I am passionate about making a change and helping people.

Amirah Sengendo

Candidate for young mayor Amirah Sengendo
My name is Amirah Sengendo and I am running to be Young Mayor of Lewisham.

I attend Brent Knoll School for SEND. I am currently in Year 11. I want to have more special needs clubs that people like me could attend. Sports clubs and social clubs with trips to visit new and different places and to help me be more independent and feel safe.

There should be different options for school lunches and to help people with SEND more cinemas could show more autism-friendly films.

Finally we should have special cheaper train tickets for young people so we can be more independent. Thank you for reading my statement, I hope you all have a great day.

Leyla Spiteri

Candidate for young mayor Leyla Spiteri
Dear young people of Lewisham, my name is Leyla, and I am thrilled to be running for Young Mayor.

My commitment to social justice, my political experience, and my passion for making Lewisham a better place uniquely qualify me to be your best representative. I promise to establish vibrant community centres where young people can come together, forge positive connections, and engage in activities that strengthen our community bonds.

Let's invest in our parks, libraries, and youth clubs to promote physical activity, life-long learning, and social interaction, fostering a healthier and happier community. I will advocate for community policing strategies to rebuild trust and understanding between law enforcement and young people. Together, we will address safety concerns through community initiatives, actively involving young people in creating a safer environment.

I commit to providing accessible counselling services in schools and youth centres, addressing the mental health needs of young people. Let's promote mental health education, break the stigma, and encourage open discussions for a kinder and more supportive community.

I am dedicated to amplifying your voices, fostering a sense of belonging, and creating positive change. Together, we can make Lewisham the best place for young people to thrive. Vote for a brighter future.

Vote Leyla Spiteri for Young Mayor!

Nikayla Ssali

Candidate for young mayor Nikayla Ssali
With your support I will create positive change and make Lewisham a better place for all its residents. As your Young Mayor, I would prioritise the safety of the borough, working towards creating a secure environment for all residents.

I’ll focus on providing more activities for young people and promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. I’d also work to implement changes that reflect the needs and desires of the local community. Your feedback is important and would be taken into consideration when making decisions.

I want to deliver changes that make Lewisham the best it can possibly be. I’d like to create safe spaces for teenagers to spend their time after school. I understand the importance of providing an alternative to streets, making sure that everyone has a place where they can feel welcome and engaged. I strongly believe in the importance of treating others with kindness and respect, and I will work tirelessly to promote these values among our youth.

I am standing as a candidate to make a big impact in Lewisham. As an individual with autism, I have faced challenges and experienced discrimination. I hope to inspire others and prove that individuals with autism are capable of making a positive difference in our society.

Together, we can make our borough the best it can be for everyone.

Charlie Stiebel

Candidate for young mayor Charlie Stiebel
I would like to put myself forward for Young Mayor of Lewisham because I would like to help make a difference in the lives of young people. I believe there are opportunities to better engage with young people and support them in developing their networks.

I hope to support and encourage more engaging activities such as theatre groups, local competitions and local football matches. These activities are all directed towards giving the younger population of Lewisham more opportunities to develop their creativity and social skills and form wider friendship groups. I intend to frequently walk around and ask the younger population of Lewisham about what problems they face and what they think could be fixed.

I may not be a perfect candidate for the job, but I am certainly a candidate that is willing to listen and hear from people and use that feedback to help to help improve Lewisham for younger people. I don’t believe that there is a limit to the amount of support that the young people of Lewisham can receive, so I intend to continuously encourage people and to try to help them, in and out of office.

Tamir Taha 

Candidate for young mayor Tamir Taha
I’m running for Young Mayor because I want to make Lewisham a better place.

One of the things I want to change is food in schools. In schools they never offer anything halal which has always irritated me. I am a Muslim so I’m restricted to the food I eat. So I understand how annoying it is to have your food choices limited. So I’ll be using a portion of the budget to make non-vegetarian meals Halal at schools.

Another thing that Lewisham needs is SEN supported living. Some people need help to retain their independence by being supported at home. So I think in Lewisham we should offer people SEN supported living to people who need it.

Lastly, I think Lewisham could do with a safe space that requires you to be checked before you can enter. That is also SEN friendly. I understand that Lewisham can feel unsafe for the children and young adults of Lewisham.

I am the best person for this job because I have ASD and am also Muslim, so I’m disadvantaged compared to most people who live in Lewisham.

Thank you for reading.

Ilze Taylor

Candidate for young mayor Ilze Taylor
I would like to be Young Mayor of Lewisham because I believe that I could have a positive impact on the lives of young people.

If elected, I would promote individuality through our schools. This could be anything from personal touches on uniform to more culture days per term. I would like to do this by holding immersive workshops to keep everyone updated on any progress made and to keep attention on cultures that may be overlooked sometimes.

I would also want to have events to educate students on what to do when they start working or living alone after they finish school. This would include learning how to pay taxes as well as examples of different CVs. I believe that this is equally as important as preparing for GCSEs as you wouldn’t be able to know if you are being taken advantage of or if you are just starting out. This way they would have even a few ideas on what routes could lead where.

Moses Winner

Candidate for young mayor Moses Winner
My name is Moses Winner.

I have always desired to do something for the young people in Lewisham. I believe I will be a great Young Mayor because I am committed, a good team player and empathetic.

If elected and given an opportunity, I will ensure that children with special needs have a voice and are included in all decisions made in the panel.

Bonnie Witter

Candidate for young mayor Bonnie Witter
One of my priorities would be to fund and promote spaces designed for young people, for example youth clubs. This is because we often don’t have dedicated spaces, so when we go out, we end up on the streets or shopping centres, which are not catering to us. I believe I am the most qualified to do it as I have evaluated and visited youth clubs before.

Another priority is funding and putting on activities for young people. This is because sometimes I have been bored at home at the weekends, and these events give young people something to do and to meet new people. I believe I am the best candidate for it, as I understand the importance of promotion and listening to young people, and I have put on whole school events before.

My final priority is reducing the amount of youth crime, specifically knife crime. As of December 2021, Lewisham was the fifth highest borough for serious youth violent offences, with nearly 70% of the males being of black British /African/Caribbean descent. This shows us that youth crimes are a serious issue which needs addressing.


Young Mayor of Lewisham

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