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Youth clubs

​Find out about the six youth clubs in the borough that provide activities to entertain, educate and support young people.

About our youth clubs

See how our youth clubs are run or suggest an activity for young people.

One-to-one support service

Youth First offers a support & mentoring service for young people across Lewisham.

Girls 'R' Us

Girls 'R' Us is about creating a safe space for girls to talk.

Grove Park Youth Club

Find out about Grove Park Youth Club.

Honor Oak Youth Club

Find out about Honor Oak Youth Club.

TNG Youth and Community Centre

Activities and schemes at TNG Youth and Community Centre.

Riverside Youth Club

Lewisham Council, Youth First and Millwall Community Trust are working to revitalise and expand Riverside Youth Club in Deptford.

Bellingham Gateway Youth and Community Centre

Find out about the Bellingham Gateway Youth and Community Centre.

Woodpecker Youth Club

Find out about Woodpecker Youth Club.

Suggest a youth club activity

Tell us what you want to do at our youth clubs.
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