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Market stories

We spoke to some market traders whose families have worked on the market for over 100 years.

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Jean Hogg’s family have run a fruit and veg stall in Lewisham market since the market began.

Jean Hogg

‘When my grandparents, Phoebie and Joey ran the stall, the majority of stalls were run by families and you knew that was what you’d do when you grew up. As a girl, I used to come and earn pocket money on the stall trimming grapes out the back.

'When you shop in supermarkets, often you don’t talk to a soul. We have a chat to our customers whether they are regulars or not. I give people advice about cooking and using the vegetables and how to make their money go further. And, compared with supermarkets, you get great value for money here.’

The Cod Father fish shop at 47 Deptford High Street has been there since the early 1900s.

David Baldwin

Founded by Alec Purdy, it has been passed on through the family to David Baldwin.

‘We sell everything from live eels and baby sharks to lobsters, crabs, sea bass and shellfish. Our customers get the best quality fish at the best prices and they have a laugh when they come into the shop. I bring all the fish down from Billingsgate. The very same fish is sold in Harrods for three or four times the price that you can buy it from me.’

Jean Prince runs the plant and flower stall on Catford Broadway.

Jean Prince

‘My granddad and my dad were both market traders. My dad had a horse and cart in the Old Kent Road, and he travelled round different markets selling fruit and veg. There were six of us children and my parents would stick us in banana boxes under the stall!

‘On my stall I sell cut flowers, bedding plants, shrubs and bulbs. Every morning I pick up the stock in my van and drive to Catford, where I set up the stall. It certainly keeps me fit. My three children and eight grandchildren sometimes help out but I doubt whether any of them will take over when I retire. I’ll try and keep going till I’m ready to stop.’


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