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Privacy notice – Family Thrive Service

Information about how and when the Family Thrive Service processes personal information about you.​

What we do

Family Thrive is part of the wider early help offer within Lewisham, which includes a universal offer for all children, young people and families in Lewisham through children's centres, family hubs, youth hubs and community and voluntary organisations.

We provide intensive family support by working closely with partners to support the most vulnerable children, young people and families with complex needs who require additional and intensive support to achieve better outcomes.  Family Thrive is a consent based service, delivered through a Hub model.

What information we collect

The information we collect from you may include:

  • name

  • date of birth

  • address

  • ethnicity

  • relationships (for the child e.g. parents, carers, support networks)

  • contact details

  • health information

  • financial information (if relevant to the family’s request for support)

  • relevant history and case information

  • relevant assessments such as early help assessments, team around the family minutes, educational health care plans (where relevant)

  • additional needs and diagnoses (e.g. regarding mental health, special educational needs, communication and social needs, disabilities)

  • services working with the family (both now and historically to avoid duplicating support and repeating intervention).

Agencies we might share the information with

We work with a range of difference services and organisations who may already know the child, young person and family.  Where it will be useful to talk with other services and share information, we seek consent from the parent/carer. 

If there are safeguarding concerns for a child of family, we will share information with the police and Children's Social Care

Withdrawing consent

Family Thrive is a consent-based service, and we will only share information with your permission. If you get a targeted level of support from Family Thrive, we may share your information with relevant services to make sure your child and family get the appropriate level of support. You can withdraw consent at any point during intervention and speak with your family practitionerabout how your information is used.

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