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Privacy notice – Early Help Team

Information about how and when the Early Help Team processes personal information about you.​

What we do

The Early Help Team processes requests from parents and professionals who want help and support under Level 2 on our threshold of need. With consent from the family, the team will prepare and present Level 2 cases to the early help panel for a multi-agency discussion of the services they can provide as part of a targeted offer. Early help is a consent-based service.

The Early Help Team will monitor and track all cases presented to the early help panel to make sure that early help plans are progressing and meeting outcomes for families. If concerns are escalating or there has been difficulty engaging with families, the Early Help Team can provide consultations and advice about the next steps needed and think about different ways of supporting the family.

The Early Help Team contributes to wider monitoring and quality evaluation of early help assessments, and provides training and workshops to support practitioners with using the early help documents, such as the early help assessment form and plan, review and closure forms.

What information we collect

The information we collect from you may include:

  • name

  • date of birth

  • address

  • ethnicity

  • NHS number

  • pupil reference number

  • relationships (for the child e.g. parents, carers, support networks)

  • contact details

  • health information

  • financial information (if relevant to the family’s request for support)

  • relevant history and case information

  • relevant assessments such as early help assessments, team around the family minutes, educational health care plans (where relevant)

  • additional needs and diagnoses (e.g. regarding mental health, special educational needs, communication and social needs, disabilities)

  • services working with the family (both now and historically to avoid duplicating support and repeating intervention).

Agencies we might share the information with

Our early help panel is made up of managers from key agencies and those with sufficient authority to allocate resources to meet the child’s (and, where appropriate, family’s) needs. It will be made up of managers or practitioners from the following services:

  • early help

  • children centres 

  • health services

  • CAMHS (child and adolescent mental health services)

  • commissioned family support services such as core assets

  • education

  • housing

  • refuge (Athena)

  • voluntary services

  • charities

  • youth services

  • children’s social care

  • Lewisham commissioning.

If there are safeguarding concerns for a child or family, we will share information with the police and children’s social care.

Why we process your information

We process information to:

  • make sure that the appropriate level of support is put in place for families, reducing family concerns and preventing statutory intervention

  • make sure the demographics and additional factors are recorded and considered when providing a targeted support offer and that this offer is inclusive and tailored to individual needs.

Withdrawing consent

Early help is a consent-based service, and we will only share information with your permission. If you get a targeted level of support from early help, we may share your information with relevant services to make sure your child and family get the appropriate level of support. You can withdraw consent at any point during intervention and speak with your lead professional or early help about how your information is used.