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Families affected by drugs and alcohol

​Family Early Intervention Substance Misuse Support Pathway (FEISMSP)

FEISMSP is a universal referral method for families affected by substance misuse. It can be used by anyone to refer residents of Lewisham who want specialist information and a targeted introduction to support offered by substance misuse services.

What services are offered through the pathway?

  • A parental cannabis group

  • A support group offering alternative therapies to women who use drugs and/or alcohol

  • Support for young people aged 11 and over who are affected by a parent or carer's substance misuse

  • Support for young people aged 11 and over who are using drugs and/or alcohol or at risk of substance misuse

  • Support for family members and carers affected by another person's alcohol abuse or substance misuse, including counselling and alternative therapies

  • Support for parents who want to control their use of drugs and/or alcohol

  • A peer support network and befriending service for parents who do not want to access treatment for alcohol abuse or substance misuse

  • Support for parents who have a child using drugs or alcohol

How can I refer someone?

Please download and email the completed form to: FEISMSP@lewisham.gov.uk

For more information, please see the guidance notes below. We have separate guidance notes for clients and professionals.