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Drug and alcohol recovery services

Information about the support we can offer you with drug and alcohol recovery.

Lewisham Primary Care Recovery Service (PCRS)

The Lewisham PCRS provides confidential joint-up drug and alcohol support services.

If you are using drugs or alcohol more than you would like, a specialist PCRS worker will help you develop a treatment plan.

Services we provide

Opioid substitute therapy

We work with GPs and pharmacists to provide opioid substitute therapy. This service involves:

  • assessment

  • titration and stabilisation

  • community detox, access to in-patient detox and residential rehab

  • recovery support.

Alcohol services

The alcohol recovery services we can provide include:

  • advice and information

  • brief interventions and reduction planning

  • extended interventions including controlled drinking or stabilisation planning

  • nurse-led community detox

  • carer and family pre-detox support, advice and information

  • access to inpatient detox

  • residential rehab.

Drink Coach

Drink Coach app

The Drink Coach app lets you track your drinking, set goals, and see how much money you can save.

Download the Drink Coach app.

The alcohol test

The Drink Coach alcohol test is a two-minute survey with ten questions. It will tell you how risky your drinking is and signpost you to additional support.

The test is a digital version of the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) developed by the World Health Organisation

Take the alcohol test.

Substance misuse services

We offer:

  • advice, information and harm reduction on a wide range of substances such as alcohol, cannabis, novel psychoactive substances, cocaine, crack, benzodiazepines, opiates, and amphetamines
  • over 50s support plan
  • information on where to find a needle exchange in Lewisham
  • assessment of needs and tailored care planning
  • carer support advice and information
  • intensive key-working
  • pre-detox and post-detox support
  • group work and peer support
  • blood borne virus screening and support to access treatment
  • onward referrals to local services and resources
    home visits.

Other services

We also provide:

  • help with stopping smoking.
  • complimentary therapies including yoga.
  • out-of-hours support.

Aftercare support

We offer a 12-week programme of free, confidential aftercare support for people who have completed treatment with us. Using a 'five ways to wellbeing' framework, we give you the tools you need to make your recovery a success and be more able to help yourself in the future.

We also provide a network of groups and activities across Lewisham for people who have completed treatment.

How you can get our support

You can get support from us at eight GP surgeries across the borough. A GP, nurse or health care worker can make an appointment for you to speak in confidence with a specialist PCRS worker. You can also get in touch with us directly to arrange an appointment.

New Direction Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service

New Direction is part of the national charity Change Grow Live.

We are here to help you set your goals and achieve them. We will listen to your needs and make sure the treatment suits you. We will provide advice and information about the options available to help you stay safe and well.

Our service is free, confidential and non-judgemental.

Our services

We offer:

  • an experienced team of health and care staff, nurses and doctors
  • individual care plans
  • access to an established group programme
  • links to recovery community, fellowships and support from people with similar life experiences
  • a dedicated family and carers service.

Medically Assisted Therapy (MAT)

Our on-site medical professionals offer access to MAT, prescribing Espranor or Physeptone to help stabilise opiate use. This includes:

  • assessment
  • titration, stabilisation and reduction
  • access to in-patient detox and residential rehab
  • ongoing recovery support.

Alcohol support

Our service also helps you to address alcohol dependency and explore safe levels of drinking. This includes:

  • Extended Brief Interventions looking at safe levels of drinking, planned reduction and stabilisation
  • nurse-led alcohol assessment
  • structured alcohol group programme
  • access to inpatient detox and residential rehab.

We also provide:

  • a full-time needle exchange service, with access to harm reduction advice and naloxone (a lifesaving medication that can reverse the effects of an opiate overdose)
  • Blood Borne Virus (BBV) testing and vaccination services
  • a dedicated women's pathway
  • complimentary therapies including yoga, acupuncture and mindfulness
  • a LQBTQ support programme for people experiencing issues with drugs or alcohol use
  • access to housing support via Bench and Education, Training and Employment (ETE) opportunities.

How you can get our support

We have an open access service every day except Tuesday, with drop-in appointments from 9.30am. You can self-refer via telephone, email or by coming in.

We also accept referrals from all professionals. Visit our webpage for a referral form or contact us using the details at the bottom of this page.

We provide access to support within Lewisham Police Station custody and provide access to treatment services following arrest. Our service also supports people being released from prison and those who are discharged back to the borough from hospital.

CGL Prevent app

The CGL Prevent app helps service users at Change Grow Live achieve positive behaviour change using proven techniques.

The app is very interactive and easy to use. The app is also based on the latest advances in behavioural science.

Download the CGL Prevent app from the App Store.

Download the CGL Prevent app from Google Play.


Lewisham Primary Care Recovery Service (PCRS)

Opening hours:

9.30am–5.00pm, Monday–Friday. Surgery hours vary dependant on GP (please call for details).


New Direction

Opening hours:
  • Monday, Thursday and Friday, 9.30am–5pm
  • Tuesday, 1.30–5pm (women only)
  • Wednesday, 9.30am–7pm
  • Saturday, 10am–4pm (family and carers only).