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Paid or unpaid work and school aged pupils

Find out what to do if you employ a school-aged pupil in the borough.

If you regularly employ a school-aged pupil (between ages 13 to 16) on a paid or unpaid basis, you are legally required to inform us and need to request a child employment permit. If you do not apply for a permit, you are breaking the law and could be prosecuted.

Permitted times of employment of children aged 13 and over

For information on the type and duration of employment allowed for children under 14, you should contact the child employment service using the details at the bottom of the page.

Daily limit

 School day – between 7–8am or up to 7pm after school Non-school day Mon–Sat between 7am–7pm  Sunday between 7–10am 
 Children under 15  Two hours  Five hours  Two hours
 Children aged 15 and over but under statutory School Leaving Age  Two hours  Eight hours  Two hours
Weekly limit

School term School holidays
 Children under 15 12 hours  25 hours
 Children aged 15 and over but under statutory School Leaving Age 12 hours  35 hours

Apply for a child employment permit

  • You must submit a child employment permit application form to us within the first five days of employment.
  • The form must be completed in agreement with the child and the parent.
  • It is designed to help regulate the protection, health, safety and welfare of the child employee.

Employment of children – application by employer

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Attendance, Inclusion and Participation Service (child employment)

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