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Apply for performance and stage licences for children

Any child taking part in performances, such as broadcast performances, photography or modelling, must have a licence issued by their local authority.

How to apply for a child performance licence

To apply for a child performance licence, download the form below, fill it in and return it to us by email.

Child performance licence application form

Pdf, 302.1KB


Applications for a licence must be signed by the applicant and the parents. We must be satisfied that arrangements for the supervision and protection of the child are adequate and that the disruption to the child's education is kept to a minimum.

Please note that we may refuse to grant a licence if the application form is not received at least 15 working days before the licence is required.

Key issues covered by the regulations are: 

  • Does the child reside in the Lewisham borough?

  • Is it broadcast on television?

  • Is it intended for filming?

  • Is it in school time? If so, a consultation must be made with the child's head teacher – and an agreement letter written.

  • Is the child/young person fit to take part? A medical must be obtained if the child has worked four days or more in a six month period.

  • Is the activity safe?

No licence is required under the following circumstances

  • No payment is made to the child and the child has not taken part in performances in the previous six months on more than three days.

  • No payment is made to the child and the performance is arranged by the school.

  • No payment is made to the child and the performance is exempted by the Secretary of State, e.g. scout gang shows.

  • Exemption letters – applicants/agencies requiring an exemption letter for young people to perform under the three day rule must email their request giving 10 working days’ notice.

Child performance exemption request form

Word, 75.6KB


Absence from school

Legally, a pupil can only be granted a leave of absence to undertake employment if they have a licence.

Medical certificates

Medical certificates are not required, however, a declaration which parents must complete on behalf of their child is included in the application form.

For all enquiries relating to child employment, please email childemployment@lewisham.gov.uk


Attendance, Inclusion and Participation Service (child employment)

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