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Tell us your business intends to trade on Sundays

Most large businesses face Sunday trading restrictions and must notify us if they want to remain open on a Sunday.

Restrictions on Sunday trading

Restrictions on opening times on Sundays are confined to large shops (having an internal sales area of over 280sq.m). The critical consideration is the floor area definition, which is the part of the shop within a building that is used for display of goods and customer services.

Large shops

Large shops must:

  • be registered with us for trading on a Sunday
  • specify the six hours of trading on a Sunday, which must be between the hours of 10am–6pm
  • provide a sign visible both internally and externally specifying the times of trading.

They are required to remain closed on Easter Sunday, and on Christmas Day if it falls on a Sunday.

The city council keeps a public register of the large shops operating in its area, which can be viewed at the address below upon request.

There are legal measures to protect the rights of shop workers who do not wish to work on Sunday.


The following shops (both large and small) are exempt from requiring register with their local authority:

  • public house
  • off licenses and take away food shops
  • chemist/pharmacies
  • airport shops
  • shops in railway station
  • service areas and petrol filling stations
  • motor accessory shops
  • farm shops
  • exhibit stands.

The Jewish Sabbath

If you observe the Jewish Sabbath, you will need to serve us notice stating your beliefs and your intention of closing on Saturday.

We will need to register you before you open on Sundays. In the case of a partnership or company, the majority of the partners must observe the Jewish Sabbath.

Notice period

Notices to register a shop must be made at least 14 days before the date you intend to open on Sunday.

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