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English for speakers of other languages (ESOL) courses

See what ESOL courses we offer for adults.

Enrolment for 2023/24 summer term courses will commence on Monday 19 February at 10am.

  •  find out how to enrol
  • If you start enrolling but don't complete the process, go to ebs: ontrack, log in and look under ‘Next steps’ to resume your enrolment and make the payment.

    Why study ESOL

    Studying ESOL can help you to:

    • develop your English language skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing
    • take part in everyday life in the UK and get a recognised ESOL qualification
    • prepare yourself to enter further training, higher education or employment
    • support your children with their homework.

    Why study with us

    • You’ll learn in small groups
    • You’ll have access to excellent resources and technology
    • You’ll be supported by qualified specialist tutors who are committed to your progress and development
    • You’ll have access to additional support courses to help you improve your grammar, written and language skills using digital technology
    • We offer support courses to prepare you for next steps in employment, further studies or volunteering.

    What courses we offer

    • New to ESOL courses

    • Accredited Entry Level 1–3 courses

    • Accredited Level 1 courses

    • Accredited Level 2 courses

    Course fees

    • £225 a term for accredited ESOL courses.
    • £150 a term for new to ESOL courses.

    See if you can get concessionary fees.

    Exam dates 2023–2024

    • Reading: 11-14 December 2023
    • Speaking and listening: 25-28 March 2024
    • Writing: 9-11 July 2024

      How to enrol

      To enrol on an ESOL course you need to complete a pre-course assessment (PCA). We will assess your skills level to ensure we choose the right course for you.

      If you are attending an ESOL course and you want to continue on fee-based courses, you pay the course fees after your assessment to complete your enrolment . If you are on benefits or a low income, you can apply for reduced fees before or at your pre-course assessment interview. You need to pay your course fees before you can join a course.

      At the Pre Course Assessment we will:-

      • Check your eligibility for a concession (this can also be done at the booking stage)
      • assess your skills level discuss your goals recommend the right course for you

      So we can check your eligibility for reduced fees and to complete your enrolment, you need to bring the following documents either when booking your appointment or to your PCA appointment:-

      • evidence of your identity       
      • evidence of benefits claimed in the last three months

      Find out what evidence we accept

      Pre-course assessments take place throughout the year. We will publish dates when they are available.

      Pre-course assessments for courses starting in January 2024

      Pre-course assessments for courses starting in January take place on the following dates:-

      Date   Time   Location  
      Tuesday 23 January


       Granville Park Centre 

      You can book an appointment by calling 020 314 3300, Monday-Friday 9am-4pm, or by emailing adultlearning@lewisham.gov.uk

      Continuing learners

      If you are already attending an ESOL course and you want to continue, your tutor will tell you which course you can enrol on next. You can apply for reduced fees if you are claiming benefits, universal credit or are on a low income. Bring your new recent evidence of benefits, low income, or refugee status with you when you enrol. You will be fully enrolled after payment, or when your reduced fees have been approved.


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