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How to enrol on adult education courses

After you have chosen what course you want to do, you need to enrol.

To make sure you get a place on your course, you should enrol before it starts. But you can enrol on a course up to three weeks after the start date if spaces are available.

Enrol online or by phone

  • You can enrol online for most courses by visiting the course page and clicking the ‘enrol now’ button.

  • You can enrol over the phone by calling 020 8314 6959 Monday to Thursday, 10am–4pm.

  • If you enrol online or by phone you can pay by debit or credit card.

  • If you need to do a pre-course assessment, you have to enrol in person.

Enrol in person

You can enrol in person at our three adult education centres. You don't have to enrol at the centre where your course will happen. 

When you enrol, you need to bring proof of identity. We accept:

  • passport

  • driving licence

  • national ID card

  • birth or adoption certificate

  • National Insurance card

  • credit or debit card

  • recent utility bills or bank statements

  • freedom pass.

You will need to complete an enrolment form. You can either:

  • complete it in advance and bring it with you
  • pick one up from the centre and complete it there.

How to enrol if you get reduced fees

If you are eligible for reduced fees, there are two ways of enrolling:

  • You can enrol in person at one of our centres. You need to bring evidence showing that you are eligible for a concession.

  • You can enrol online or by phone, but you have to pay the full cost of the course and claim a partial refund in person.

Pre-course assessments